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The Best Work Lights for Working at Night

Green square work light attached to wooden structure by hook mounting

While some people like waking up at the crack of dawn and getting to work, others are much more effective in burning the midnight oil. Of course, without the sun illuminating your surroundings, it is imperative to have a great lighting source so that you can safely and effectively do your work at night. We made this guide to showcase the best work lights you can buy so that you can remain productive and finish your projects regardless of the time.

Shopping for Work Lights

Here are some things to consider:

  • Brightness: A work light’s brightness, measured in lumens (lm), will help determine how effective a single light is at illuminating your work area. The level of brightness that works for you will likely be determined by where you will use the light and your personal preference, so be sure to check out product photos to ensure a work light is bright enough to exceed your needs.
  • Features: Many work lights come with handy features such as telescopic tripods, detachable lamps, hanging hooks, and magnetic bases. These features will help you mount or situate your work light where you need it for optimal illumination of your work area. Some work lights even offer adjustable brightness and color temperature, which is a really great feature for those with sensitive eyes.
  • Heat Dissipation: If you will be working in close quarters with your work light, finding a model that features great heat dissipation will help prevent painful burns while on the job. LED lighting is definitely preferable in this regard, but be sure to read product reviews to determine if a specific product tends to run hot.

Best with Stand: LUTEC Dimmable LED Work Light with Telescoping Tripod

11000 Lumen 92W Dimmable LED Work Light with adjustable brightness and color temperature, Black with yellow details

For those seeking a work light that easily allows you to beam light exactly where you need it, the LUTEC Dimmable LED Work Light with Telescoping Tripod is our top pick. Featuring excellent heat dissipation and high-quality aluminum construction, this work light can be easily folded and stowed away in your vehicle to take off-site. It also features some great touches, such as adjustable color temperature (3,000 to 5,000 kelvin), a rugged tripod that offers excellent stability, and two brightness options. If you’re looking for a product that is as well-constructed as it is adjustable and dependable, this is the work light for you.

Best with Stand

?Upgraded?LUTEC 6290Max 11000 Lumen 92W Dimmable LED Work Light with Telescoping Tripod, Adjustable Color Temperature Dual-Head Work Light with Stand and 8 Ft 3-Prong Power Cord

Featuring excellent heat dissipation and plenty of adjustable functionality, this work light is bright and versatile enough for a wide array of applications.

Best Value: PowerSmith PWL110S 1080 Lumen LED Weatherproof Work Light

Green and black 1080 Lumen LED Weatherproof work light with mounting hook and shatterproof lens

Those on a tight budget can do no better than this portable work light from PowerSmith. Featuring a clean 1,080-lumen 5,000-kelvin light, this product impresses with its rugged all-metal construction and shatterproof glass lens and is rated for indoor and outdoor use, thanks to its stellar weather resistance. While the 5-foot power cord is well-constructed, it would be nice to have something longer, especially for outdoor applications. However, given how versatile and effective this product is, it will still provide a ton of value for those seeking to save some money.

Best Value

PowerSmith PWL110S 1080 Lumen LED Weatherproof Tiltable Portable Work Light with Large Adjustable Metal Hook, 360° Tilt, Metal Stand, Impact-Resistant Glass Lens, and 5' Power Cord , Green

This indoor and outdoor work light features a handy 360-degree tilting design and an impact-resistant glass lens that is practically impossible to break.

Best for Brightness: PowerSmith PWL2200TS 20K Lumen Dual-Head LED Work Light

Extra bright 10,000 Lumen Dual-Head LED Work Light with telescoping tripod and 2 brightness levels

If you put a premium on the brightness of your work light, this 20,000-lumen dual-head work light from PowerSmith is sure to impress. Featuring independently controlled dual lamps with two brightness levels, this work light is bright enough to illuminate large outdoor spaces at night. It also sports an all-metal telescoping tripod that really helps to distribute the light to where you need it. As a bonus, the extremely bright LEDs last practically forever, making this heavy-duty work light a great value for its price tag.

Best for Brightness

Powersmith 20,000 Lumen Dual-Head LED Work Lights with Stand, Adjustable Metal Flip-Lock Tripod, 9ft Grounded Power Cord, Impact Resistant Lens, Sealed Power Switches, and 2 Year Warranty

This incredibly bright work light features a heavy-duty metal telescoping tripod and quick-release system for detaching the lights.

Best Compact: Coquimbo COB Rechargeable Work Lights with Magnetic Base

Black two-pack handheld rechargeable work lights with 5 lighting modes, magnetic base, and Micro USB charging

These compact work lights from Coquimbo are a great pick for those seeking rechargeable lights that can be used nearly anywhere. Featuring an aluminum head that is excellent at dissipating heat, these lights also sport a strong magnetic base that makes them easy to attach to various metallic surfaces. This is a great product for mechanics who like to work on cars after the sun sets. Factor in these lights’ long battery life and five handy lighting modes, and you can see why this two-pack is a great budget-savvy lighting option.

Best Compact

Coquimbo Tool Gifts for Men, Rechargeable LED Work Lights Grill Light Flashlights with Magnetic Base 5 Modes 360° Rotate(2pack Black)

This durable work light two-pack features an ultra-portable design and magnetic bases so that they can be affixed to your car or other metallic surfaces.

Best Rechargeable: Stanley SAT3S Rechargeable 600 Lumens Lithium-Ion LED Work Light

Yellow and black Rechargeable 600 Lumen work light with 18 ultra-bright LEDs and magnetic base

Rounding out our list is the Stanley SAT3S Rechargeable 600-Lumen Lithium-Ion LED Work Light. This product is ideal for working under cars at night with its unique design and excellent light distribution. At 600 lumens, it’s also deceptively bright with 18 ultra-bright LEDs. This work light scores some extra points, thanks to thoughtful features such as its stow-away hook, magnetic base, and three recharging options. Additionally, its six-hour max battery life is definitely enough time to get plenty of work done while burning the midnight oil.

Best Rechargeable

STANLEY SAT3S Rechargeable 600 Lumen Lithium Ion LED Work Light with USB Power Charger

This rechargeable work light is very bright, features five lighting modes, and can be mounted using its hanging hook or magnetic base.

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