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The Best Wreath Hangers for Your Home

A wreath is a fun and relatively simple way to add some decoration or holiday flair to your front door or living space (or both). If you’ve recently bought or are looking to buy a wreath for your home, a wreath hanger is the most popular and effective way to display a wreath. They’re simple to use, don’t require drilling holes in walls or doors to install, and are more secure than alternatives like tape or command hooks. In general, wreath hangers can also support bulkier, heavier wreaths than other methods. Most are designed to avoid damaging your door, window, or wherever else you choose to hang your wreath as well. If you’re in the market for a new wreath hanger, here are a few we recommend.

What to Consider in a Wreath Hanger

Here are a few things to think about before buying a wreath hanger:

  • Weight Bearing: Most wreath hangers will support around 10 to 15 pounds on average. Some of the more heavy-duty ones can handle 20 pounds or more. Smaller ones will generally only support 2 to 5 pounds or so. Most natural wreaths weigh around 5 pounds unless they’ve got heavy decorations, while artificial ones will be around 10 or 12 pounds. This may vary depending on the wreaths’ size as well. Whether you buy a hanger that supports your wreath’s exact weight or a heavy-duty one just to be safe is up to you.
  • Type: There are three main types of wreath hangers: metal hooks, clear plastic suction cups, and magnetic hooks. Metal hooks are meant to be hung over a door, while suction-cup hooks are intended for windows, though they can work on other surfaces as well. Magnetic hooks will work on glass windows and doors as well as any metal surface. It’s worth noting that cup and magnetic wreath hangers will not support as much weight as the metal ones, so if you have a heavier wreath you want in the window, it will need to be supported by multiple hangers.
  • Length: Metal wreath hangers can vary quite a bit in length, usually between 12 and 25 inches long. There are smaller and longer options if you prefer, though they will be harder to find. Some metal wreath hangers are adjustable in length as well. Window and magnetic hangers are much smaller, usually 6 inches long at the absolute maximum. However, they can be placed at any height you want on a window or wall, while a metal hook has to be hung over the back of a door and is thus more limited in the wreath’s placement.

Best for Doors: Sattiyrch Over the Door Wreath Hanger

Hooked over-the-door wreath hangers are a great option because you never have to worry about them coming unstuck and falling off the door, and they’re easy to use, as this model proves. It’s made out of high-quality yet lightweight steel with a surface treatment to give it a smooth and clean look. The smooth treatment plus the lack of sharp edges means that this wreath hanger won’t damage your door or door frame. The steel body is built thin but is strong and durable and is extremely hard to bend out of shape. The hanger is 15 inches long, and the hook can support up to 10 pounds, which makes it the perfect size and capacity for most standard wreaths. No matter the season, holiday, or event in question, this hanger will support wreaths for them all. Choose between a black or white hanger, whichever better suits your home and door’s color scheme.

Best for Doors

Best for Windows: VIS’V Suction-Cup Hooks

For smaller wreaths built to hang on windows, these equally small plastic hooks are the optimal choice. They’re made of environmentally-friendly and strong plastic PET material that will match all home décor and won’t fade to yellow over an extended period of time the way some plastic does. The vacuum-seal suction cups won’t lose their strength over time either. The suction-cup adhesion also means that these hangers don’t require any special tools, nails, or screws to install. Each hook can individually hold up to 6.5 pounds. If you want to remove and reuse these hangers at any time, they won’t leave any sticky residue stains behind; simply lift the hook and pop off the suction cup with a flat blade or similar surface, then soak the hanger in warm water. After drying, it will be good as new, able to be used again at full strength. While ideal for windows, these hangers will stick to any non-porous surface, from glass to mirrors to metals. Buy them in a set of two, six, eight, or ten hooks at once. For best results, clean the desired window or surface with one of the cleaning cloths that come with your purchase (you’ll receive one cloth for each hanger you buy).

Best Adjustable: Haute Decor Adjustable Wreath Hanger

If you’re uncertain of exactly how long you want your hanger to be or where on the door you want your wreath to sit, this adjustable wreath hanger is the perfect solution. The built-in slide mechanism makes it a cinch to lengthen or shorten the hanger. All you have to do is press and hold the button on the back of the hanger (just below the hook that rests over the top of the door), pull or push the end to the desired length, and release the button. It extends anywhere between 16.5 and 25 inches long and can support wreaths as heavy as 20 pounds. The hanger is made of premium, all-season brushed nickel, with soft pads on the back to protect your door from accidental scratches. No installation is required; simply hang it over the door. The high-quality finish will look great on any door, and the hanger comes in eight different colors, so you’re sure to find a shade that best sets off your wreath and perfectly suits your door and home.

Best Adjustable

Best Heavy-Duty: GameXcel Wreath Hanger

If you like to buy big, bulky wreaths or you want to buy the strongest wreath hanger possible to ensure it can support your wreath’s weight, this heavy-duty over-the-door wreath hanger has you covered. Despite its ultra-thin size, which ensures you can close the door all the way, this hanger is capable of holding up to 22 pounds at once. It’s also adjustable, able to be shortened to 15 inches and lengthened all the way to 25 inches to best fit your door. The body is made of high-quality and durable steel that is anti-scratch and anti-oxidation (which includes anti-rusting), smoothed for an attractive look and safe handling. The padded soft foam of the upper hook further protects the door from scratches. It also has a patented groove design to best hold your wreath or wreaths. It works great for indoor or outdoor display. If you prefer a single-length wreath hanger to adjustable ones, 12-inch and 15-inch models are also available.

Best Heavy-Duty
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