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The Best Wrist Braces

🕚 Updated April 2022

Wrist braces can help a wide range of joint ailments, making them great to have on hand just in case your wrist is going through a tough time. Whether you are dealing with minor strain from overuse or a more serious injury, check out these braces to help your wrist heal.

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  Best Overall Best for Sports Best for Working Best for Sleeping Best Premium Option
2 Pack Wrist Compression Brace
Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace
Wrist Brace
Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace
Copper Compression
Wrist Brace
Our SummaryA unisex wrist brace for stabilization and comfort.Participate in sports without feeling the pain and inflammation of a wrist injury.A supportive wrist brace for getting your work done without feeling pain.An adjustable wrist brace that you can wear to bed and sleep in.A high-quality wrist brace that provides optimal support and protection.
ProsBreathable and comfortable nylon material, designed for all day use.Ergonomic design, optimal compression, great for multiple purposes.Upgraded material, adjustable, comfortable fit.Fits on both hands, perfect for men and women, reduces pain significantly.You can wear it all day, an innovative design, high performance materials.
ConsMore suitable for people who perform many physical activities.Not the best wrist brace for sleeping.Takes longer to put on and remove.Also not ideal when it comes to playing sports.Somewhat simple design, more expensive.
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The Best Wrist Braces

A man pulls the strap of a wrist brace to secure it while sitting in a gym.

When you picture a wrist brace, you are likely to imagine a stiff piece of black fabric that is bulky and uncomfortable. While those kinds of wrist braces were once common, there are now various products to aid your joints without making them feel too restricted. Here are some great wrist braces we recommend.

Buying Guide for Wrist Braces

A woman wears a black wrist brace and rides a scooter alongside her daughter.

Why buy a wrist brace?

Ultimately, you want to protect yourself and prevent your condition from getting any worse. Nursing a wrist injury is never easy because you could potentially re-injure yourself at any time. Why put yourself at risk when you can purchase a special brace that will stabilize your wrist? Along with injury recovery, you can use wrist braces to support your joints during workouts or while playing sports to prevent damage from overexertion.

What should you look for in a wrist brace?

  • Optimal Support: The whole purpose of a wrist brace is to alleviate your pain and make it more comfortable to go about your day. The pain happens for different reasons, but a wrist brace should do an excellent job of providing you with the support you need. It should conform to the contours of your body so that it effectively stabilizes your wrist.
  • Versatility: A wrist brace should be multifunctional, meaning that it can benefit you in different ways. You can use it to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or to improve your performance when playing sports and participating in athletic activities. However, there are certain designs that are better geared toward the activities that you’ll be doing in the brace.

Are wrist braces comfortable to wear? 

A more modern wrist brace features an ergonomic design that makes it a lot more comfortable to wear. They’re also made of a breathable material that feels light on your wrists during use. That way, you won’t feel restricted while performing routine tasks. You won’t even notice that you’re wearing it.

Our Picks for the Best Wrist Braces

Best Overall

HiRui 2 Pack Wrist Compression Brace

A unisex wrist brace for stabilization and comfort.

Pros: This wrist brace has every feature that you need for optimal protection and safety. The brace includes a breathable and lightweight nylon material that makes it easy to wear. The adjustable strap and flexible fabric make this brace great for active people who are looking to add external support to their joints. It provides support for wrist sprains, tendinitis, arthritis, and other types of pain.

Cons: You’ll find other wrist braces that offer a more flexible fit. Due to its stretchy material, you won’t be making the most of this particular item if you’re not using it for participating in sports and other physical activities.

Bottom Line: This is the ideal option when it comes to stabilizing your wrist and preventing future injuries. The brace will fit snugly over your wrist, and you can adjust it until the strap feels comfortable and secure. The combination of neoprene materials should allow this wrist brace to reduce excessive motions made by your wrist during physical activities.


Best for Sports

CERBONNY Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

Participate in sports without feeling the effects of wrist pain.

Pros: This wrist brace might be the ideal solution for people who are suffering from chronic arthritis issues and needing relief from the pain. It effectively stabilizes your wrist and prevents you from re-injuring yourself. The material is also super comfortable, so you might not even notice that you’re wearing it during your next game or workout.

Cons: This is another wrist brace that’s more suitable for people who participate in sports and other physical activities. If you require better wrist protection while sleeping, there are better options available.

Bottom Line: If you’re physically active and need extra wrist support, then this is the right wrist brace for you. You can play basketball, volleyball, or golf without causing pain or injuries to your wrist. Since this wrist brace is made with breathable neoprene material, you’ll forget that you’re even wearing it in the first place. You can also use it for various other activities, such as cooking or driving.


Best for Working

FEATOL Wrist Brace

A supportive wrist brace for getting your work done without feeling pain.

Pros: This adjustable wrist brace will provide you with the right amount of compression, limiting the effects of arthritis or tendinitis. It fits comfortably around your wrist and arm, providing you with optimal support and eliminating restraints.

Cons: This wrist brace comes with three straps, so it takes a little more time to remove and put on. Ultimately, this particular item is better suited for people who experience chronic wrist pain.

Bottom Line: This adjustable wrist brace will help make your workday go a lot smoother. It features three separate straps so that you can attain the right amount of compression and support for your wrist. Its stiff structure might help alleviate pain in people who are suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel, basal thumb arthritis, tendonitis, or tendinopathy.


Best for Sleeping

ComfyBrace Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace

You can better stabilize your wrist when you go to sleep without feeling restricted.

Pros: Do you often aggravate or re-injure your wrists while you’re sleeping? It happens a lot more often than you’d think. This wrist brace fits onto both your left and right wrist and offers optimal compression. The slip-on design makes it quick and easy to use, while the removable palmar splint keeps your wrist correctly positioned. You can also wear it throughout your day—while you’re at work or at home!

Cons: This brace isn’t very suitable for athletic activities, as the extended length is designed to keep wrists almost entirely straight. If you need extra wrist support to play sports, then you should look for a brace that offers you the full range of motion.

Bottom Line: If you tend to toss and turn in your sleep and wake up with your wrists hurting, try this brace. It will allow you to sleep soundly without putting undue pressure on your wrist. It also features comfortable fabric, which means that you won’t feel restricted while sleeping. You can use this wrist brace for both hands and adjust it for optimal support.


Best Premium Option

Copper Compression Wrist Brace

A high-quality wrist brace that provides optimal support and protection.

Pros: This wrist brace offers you plenty of protection thanks to a special copper compression material. It will keep your wrists feeling ultra-comfortable by reducing the motions that can lead to carpal tunnel or other issues. The design of this particular product ensures that you won’t experience wrist pain throughout the entire day and well into the night.

Cons: This premium wrist brace, while effective, doesn’t provide too many upgraded features over most of the other options. While this wrist brace is a smart choice, you don’t have to consider it your first choice.

Bottom Line: This premium wrist brace is going to provide you with optimal support. Your arthritis won’t bother you anymore. You can resume your normal life and perform tasks with incredible ease and comfort. You can easily overcome those limitations with this reliable wrist brace.

Final Thoughts

A wrist brace ensures that you can go about your normal routine without experiencing pain or discomfort. For people who are constantly working with their hands, living with previous wrist injuries, or feeling a loss of strength due to age, a wrist brace can provide them with the stability they need to accomplish their goals. Also, think about your lifestyle and the work that you normally perform. If a wrist injury seems imminent, a brace could help you avoid a lifetime of pain.

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