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The Best Wrist Weights

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🕚 Updated December 2021

Wrist weights are simple, affordable, and effective pieces of fitness gear that you can add to your workout routine. Though they're pretty lightweight, they're still quite effective at boosting your heart rate. These are our top picks for wrist weights.

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  Chic Design Trusted Brand Comfortable to Wear Best for Durability Best for Boxing
  Bala Bangles
Adjustable Wrist Weights
Thumb-Lock Wrist Weights
Wrist Weights
Durable Wrist Weights
Weighted Gloves
Our SummaryTwo pairs of adjustable wrist weights that are as fashionable as they are sporty.A durable pair of wrist weights that stay put while you wear them yet remove easily.These comfy wrist weights are an effortless way to add in a bit of exercise.A pair of wrist weights with a novel look and easy-to-wash design.These weighted gloves boost your workouts with a bonus effect of callus and blister prevention.
ProsTrendy, versatile wear, multiple colors, stainless steel and a soft silicone exterior, adjustable, elastic band and super-strength Velcro.Won't slide, innovative design, choose between 2- and 4-pound weights.Neoprene fabric is comfortable, moisture-absorbent, and breathable, may help treat tremors and handshaking.Eye-catching, adjust as needed, intensifies activity, easy to pull off and wash.Increases muscle strength and burns calories, versatile, three-layer design, secure closure.
ConsWork up the weight slowly so you don't hurt yourself.If you have very slender wrists, even the nonslip design may not be enough security.Non-adjustable. Be sure to measure your wrists before purchasing.Can be difficult to put on at first.Might struggle when needing to grip exercise equipment.
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The Best Wrist Weights

A person straps on a wrist weight in the gym.
Miljan Zivkovic/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for the Best Wrist Weights

A pair of pink and black wrist weights on a wooden surface.
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Why buy wrist weights?

Wrist weights are an easy and affordable way to add weight-bearing exercise to your fitness routine. They’re great for targeted exercises like bicep curls, rows, arm circles, and lower body exercises like squats and lunges. Some people enjoy walking or jogging with wrist weights on to increase heart rate and burn more calories and fat. They’ve even been proven helpful for individuals who suffer from arthritis or weakness from strokes. Simple exercises with wrist weights can also strengthen a person’s grip. In short, there are many benefits to enjoy when using wrist weights.

What should you look for in wrist weights?

  • Weight: Pick the right weight for your body. Most wrist weights weigh 3 pounds or less, which may not seem like a lot. However, if you’re trying to gain muscle, it’s good to err on the side of caution and build up slowly. By the same token, when you achieve a good amount of strength, you may want to go up in weight.
  • Fit: With some wrist weights, you simply slip them over your hand and adjust the elastic band to fit. Some users prefer a wrist weight band with a thumb hole and elastic wrap-around closure because it feels more secure and less likely to slip. Look for quality Velcro, neoprene materials, and trusted brands.
  • Style: Yes, even when it comes to exercise accessories, style is an important factor. It’s especially true when there are attractive options to choose from. With wrist weights, look for design as well as color. Some have a prettier look, while others just look tough.

What else should you know about wrist weights?

Take some precautions if you decide to use wrist weights for walks, jogs, or yoga. Exercise that involves the entire body requires muscle equilibrium. If you wear wrist weights for a walk and begin to tire, one side of your body may begin to compensate and cause injury. Additionally, wrist weights may cause muscle rigidity across the chest, back, shoulders, and neck, especially if you’re trying to pick up the tempo. You may want to choose a lighter product to begin, then increase the weight as your body grows accustomed to the wrist weights.

Our Picks for the Best Wrist Weights

Chic Design

Bala Bangles Adjustable Wrist Weights

Two pairs of adjustable wrist weights that are as fashionable as they are sporty.

Pros: Gone are the clunky wrist weights from the ’80s! These ones are trendy and modern and designed to give you a workout even if you aren’t in the gym. You can wear them while doing housework, yoga, walking, or dancing around the house. They come in several fun colors, including neon pride, neon rainbow, sand, charcoal, and more. They’re made from recycled stainless steel with a soft silicone exterior, so they’re made to last. The adjustable elastic band and super-strength Velcro keep them in place.

Cons: Work up in weights slowly so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Bottom Line: Whatever kind of activity you engage in, these sleek and modern wrist weights will provide that extra challenge you’re looking for.


Trusted Brand

SPRI Thumb-Lock Wrist Weights

A durable pair of wrist weights that stay put while you wear them and remove easily.

Pros: You may be impressed by the design of these no-slide wrist weights and the way they’re put on. Just slip your thumb into the thumb hole, then wrap the wrist band around your wrist and secure it with the Velcro-backed easy-grip pull tab. The thumb lock prevents the weighted band from slipping as you exercise. Choose between 2- and 4-pound weights. Either way, you’ll be happy about that thumb-lock keeping things in place.

Cons: If you have very slender wrists, they may not fit as well.

Bottom Line: The winning characteristic of these wrist weights is their thumb-lock design. It’s like a seat belt for the weights to keep them from flying around as you move. If you’re ready for an easy approach to strengthen muscles, check these out.


Comfortable to Wear

JFIT Wrist Weights

These comfy wrist weights provide an effortless way to add in a bit of exercise.

Pros: These two cuffs are all you need to simply boost your energy output as you move through your daily activities or work out. The neoprene fabric is comfortable, moisture-absorbent, and breathable, so you don’t need to hold back the sweat. Use the wrist weights for the usual walking and jogging activities as well as yoga and Pilates. Additionally, these cheery red wrist weights can help treat tremors and handshaking.

Cons: The red wrist weights are non-adjustable and fit only wrists 5.5 to 6.5 inches in circumference. Be sure to measure your wrists before purchasing them.

Bottom Line: These wrist weights look good and last a long time since the neoprene fabric has reinforced stitching. Work out without worrying that you’ll wear out your new wrist weights. They’re built to endure.


Best for Durability

TOSMAC Durable Wrist Weights

A pair of wrist weights with a novel look and easy-to-wash design.

Pros: These eye-catching wrist weight bands feature six stainless steel weights (or “beads”) covered in soft silicone. Adjust the weight as needed to between 2 and 7.2 ounces so that you can work up at your own pace. The wrist weights make an exercise you’re familiar with (like walking) and intensify it just a tad. You won’t feel like you need to drag your hands on the ground as you go, but you’ll be working harder. Fortunately, the wrist weight band is easy to pull off and wash.

Cons: You may find these wrist weights difficult to put on at first, though with some practice, it should become easier.

Bottom Line: Easy to use and an easy way to slightly increase physical activity, these wrist weights are a great buy. They come in several fun colors, too.


Best for Boxing

Koet Weighted Gloves

These weighted gloves boost your workouts with a bonus effect of callus and blister prevention.

Pros: Wear these weights at home or the gym! The pair of gloves increases muscle strength and burns calories. They’re especially great for boxing, weightlifting, and cycling. The weighted portion comprises three layers of material. At the bottom is a soft iron strip, then a layer of soft glue, and finally, a cotton cover. The design is meant to give you the combination of weight and protection to work hard and stay injury-free. To make a tight, secure fit, there’s fine needle corner stitching along the edges, a secure wrist closure, and a secure wrist closure strap.

Cons: Because some of the weight is distributed across the palm of the hand, you may struggle when needing to grip exercise equipment or barbells.

Bottom Line: This variation on wrist weight bands actually takes the weight off the wrist and moves it to the palm and top of the hand. If you’re someone who practices boxing or similar sports, you may want to check these out.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to get active now, later, or maybe never, take a sec and check out these wrist weights! Adults of various ages and abilities may just have the right wrist weight band waiting for them; it just takes a few minutes to look. We hope this article gave you a few ideas to consider.

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