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The Best Writing Desks for Your Home Office

a collapsible desk with a wooden top set up in an office that's decorated with netural pictures and plants

When you inch up to your work station to lay down a few extra lines for your half-way finished screenplay, your new and exciting novel, or the normal batch of everyday paperwork, what kind of writing desk do you picture? Is it solid, sturdy, and needs three people to move it? Can you sprawl your work out onto it? Does it fit the tone of your surrounding house or apartment? Whatever it may look like, your desk should be your favorite work spot in the house. Sure, it should provide the appropriate amount of support for your devices, but you should also expect it to be a place you can happily go. If you’re in the market for a new writing desk that handles work and then some, here are some we recommend.

Choosing the Perfect Writing Desk

Keep these factors in mind when buying your next desk.

  • Size: You’re going to want your next writing desk to actually fit in the dimensions of your workspace. Map out whichever room you intend to place your desk before you add anything to the cart. This way, you don’t end up with a desk too large or too small for your tasks and purposes.
  • Storage: A suitable writing desk should provide you with some breathing room in regards to storage. Whether the desktop itself offers more space or you find a product with built-in drawers and shelves, it is important that your next desk offer enough space for you on some of those more hectic workdays.
  • Construction: A desk is a desk, but some are undeniably more considerate of your environment than others. How will your next desk handle coffee stains or pencil markings? What about your height? You’ll want to take the time to weigh your concerns and what specifically you would like out of your next writing desk.

Most Compact: 4NM Folding Desk

tall, slender folding white legs and wooden top

To start things off, you don’t always need a desk that’s handcrafted from oak and only gets moved twice a year. The 4NM Folding Desk is just the opposite, combining lightweight materials and an easily foldable structure that can be propped open or collapsed and tucked away in just a few little steps. It’ll save you plenty of space when in use too, as this is an appropriate desk for smaller workspaces, measuring 31.5 inches across. Lightweight as it may be, this desk is still sturdy enough for your laptop and paperwork. Reinforced with a strong iron frame and antirust metal hinges, this is a desk that comes through at all of the right moments.

Most Compact

4NM 31.5" Small Desk No-Assembly Folding Computer Desk Home Office Desk Study Writing Table for Small Space Offices - Natural and White

If you're short on space but still need a respectable desk, this foldable desk is a great work station that asks for little room in return.

Best Storage Space: Bestier Computer Desk with Shelves

slender metal and wood desk with three shelves built-in on the left side

Spacious enough for your electronic device and files, while also dedicating an entire section to three storage shelves, the Bestier Computer Desk provides great space for workflow and order. This desk’s 47-inch wide table offers more than enough room for you to work or study with complete comfort. Its four shelving units are constructed from the same particle board and thick metal frame as the table, with the former not only being waterproof and scratch-proof but environmentally safe for you and your pets, according to US California Air Resources Board standards. Its additional storage unit, however, is the real plus, allowing users to store items like photo frames, plants, folders, books, and other small devices in an orderly fashion.

Best Storage Space

Best for Desktops: CubiCubi Computer Office Desk

wood grained and dark metal desk

Through and through, the CubiCubi Office Desk is one of the most visually pleasing desks you could buy. Its rich, natural finish and modern, black steel frame may make you feel like working can actually be fun again. Assembly is simple, asking for no more than 15 minutes of your time before you’re working on top of its hard-wood surface. With its 63-inch table length and strong leg support, this desk makes itself an ideal candidate for desktops and monitors, in addition to more writing, studying, and a larger workload overall. It even includes a smaller tabletop so that you can prop up your device and tidy your work area. This desk’s 29.5-inch height off the floor also ensures ample legroom while you’re in the thick of a heavy workload.

Best for Desktops

CubiCubi Computer Desk 63" with Splice Board Study Writing Table for Home Office, Modern Simple Style PC Desk, Black Metal Frame, Black and Rustic Brown

This computer desk brings the professional quality of the office into your home and sprinkles in some personality.

Best Premium: Unicoo Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

two-tiered, open black desk with wheels

No matter how sleek your desk may be, you are never far from the inevitable prick of lower back pain. It’s unpleasant, sudden, and entirely the fault of our ridiculous postures. With that in mind, you’d find no perfect substitute for alleviating back pain than the Unicoo Adjustable Standing Desk. Powered by a quiet electric motor, this desk enables the worker behind it to adjust the height as they please, rising to an appropriate level so that they may even stand if they grow tired of sitting. It possesses a seven-button controller with four presets for adjustable heights between 30 inches and 48 inches. It’s entirely safe, too, with three advanced functions that protect the integrity of the desk’s internal motor and ensures accident prevention for your devices and those around you.

Also Consider: OneSpace Adina 2 Drawers Writing Desk

black metal desk with two smaller drawers

An ideal desk choice for smaller home offices and students of any age, the OneSpace Adina is compact yet as strong as they get. And while it is sturdy, it’s also incredibly flexible and able to fit into those smaller spaces where larger desks can not, with its 35.5-inch table size. Its additional two-drawer combo is also a welcoming perk, as users won’t have to worry about cluttering their desktops with loose-leaf pages and binders; you can simply tuck away any non-electronic devices into either of the available drawers.

Also Consider

OneSpace Adina 2 Drawers Writing Desk, Black

A modern update with classic appeal, this desk offers users ample workspace and storage for writers of all ages.

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