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The Best Xbox One Power Bricks with Updated Technology

Man playing an Xbox One connected to a reliable power supply brick

Why should you replace the existing power supply brick for your Xbox One? Newer and upgraded power bricks offer greater efficiency, and they run significantly quieter. They are less likely to overheat, and you will never have to replace them. Many modernized power bricks are also a lot safer to use and have additional features that make them reliable and practical for daily use. Here are some we suggest you check out.

What to Look for in a Power Brick

When you go to purchase an Xbox One power brick, keep these things in mind:

  • Safety: Choose something that will greatly reduce the risk of overheating. Some include additional safety features that accurately monitor the voltage of your power supply.
  • Durability: Look for options with sturdy materials and cords for lasting use.

Best Budget: YCCSKY Xbox One Power Supply Brick

An Xbox one power brick made of anti-burning ABS material

This replacement power supply brick will make a world of difference, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to obtain it. Made of anti-burning ABS material, it also features a built-in chip that smartly prevents over-heating, over-current, and over-voltage. It has an intuitive cooling system that doesn’t make a lot of noise as well as LED lights indicating when the device is on standby mode.

Advanced No-Noise Design: WEGWANG Xbox One Power Brick

An Xbox one power brick with a charging cable that offers decent length

This is the quietest Xbox One power brick that still offers ideal optimization in terms of safety and design features. It has a motherboard with special programming that prevents overheating, and the device also offers under-voltage and internal over-temperature protection. It comes with every essential component, including an AC Adapter Charger, One Charging Cable, and One Package Box.  This is arguably the best high-end product that provides an effective supply of power for your Xbox One.

Best for Heat Dissipation: Oussirro Xbox One Power Supply

A power supply brick for Xbox One featuring a muted cooling fan

This particular power supply brick has a design with the Xbox One in mind. It offers incredible heat dissipation via a muted cooling fan that produces better airflow inside the brick. It also has LED lights that show when the adapter is on and when it is on standby. When you are not using your Xbox One, switch the power supply brick to the energy-saving mode for better efficiency.

Best for Heat Dissipation

Power Supply for Xbox One, AC Adapter Replacement Charger with Cable for Xbox One, Power Brick for Xbox One 100-240V

This power supply box has a built-in cooling system that prevents your Xbox One from overheating.

Best Safety Features: GOBEST Power Supply Brick for Xbox One

An upgraded power brick for Xbox One made of high-grade materials

This upgraded power supply brick has a universal AC adaptor that features a cooling fan that makes minimal noise while in use. Manufactured from high-grade materials, it offers intuitive safety features that prevent incorrect voltage, short-circuiting and internal overheating. It effectively handles heat dissipation without issue, and the internal cooling fan can easily produce optimal airflow. This particular product is also lightweight and incredibly cost-effective.

Best Safety Features

Most Durable: Ponkor Xbox One Power Block Replacement

An Xbox One power brick with intuitive design features

If it is long-lasting usage that you are after, then this is the perfect Xbox One power brick for you. Engineered for efficiency, it has an optimal internal structure that minimizes noise and features an effective inner cooling system. The material is also fireproof, and the power brick contains a built-in smart chip that prevents overheating and properly regulates your voltage. The intuitive design of the power brick makes it the ideal option in the long term.

Most Durable

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