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The Best Xbox One Thumb Grips for Better Gaming Efficiency

hands holding Xbox controller with bumbed thumb grips and the video game is on the TV in the backgorund

What is an Xbox One controller thumb grip? It is a small disc made of a rubber material that you apply to the top of the analog sticks on your controller. They help improve your gaming experience and come in various textures and shapes. They often have a huge impact on your gameplay by providing you with better control and helping you limit mistakes. Thumb grips are also relatively inexpensive, but you will get a lot of use from them. Here are some good options.

What to Consider in Controller Thumb Grips

Here’s what you should think about ahead of your selection:

  • Design: Some thumb grips are nonslip; others come in various shapes—including concave and convex thumb grips. Also consider the durability of the product and if you are receiving optimal comfort and efficiency when gaming. Your new Xbox one thumb grips will become an extension of your body, and they will thoroughly improve your performance.

Best Value Set: BeautyMood 40-Piece Replacement Thumb Grips

A set of 40 Xbox One thumb grips that come in various colors

You won’t find a better value set when it comes to Xbox One thumb grips. It includes 40 total thumb grips that come in 10 different colors. They are compatible with Xbox and PlayStation controllers, and they help improve your overall accuracy and efficiency when gaming. They are also comfortable on your thumbs, and they will make your controller look new and updated.

Best Nonslip Option: Fosmon Extended Thumb Grips

Non-slip Xbox One thumb grips made of silicone

These premium Xbox One thumb grips are made of silicone—a material that will prevent your fingers from slipping off the analog stick while you are gaming. They also have a simple yet sleek appearance, which will give your controller an updated and cosmetic look. These thumb grips also have a protective quality that limits the effects of daily wear and tear on your analog sticks. They are easy to install and incredibly affordable.

Best Nonslip Option

Fosmon [Set of 4] Analog Stick Joystick Controller Performance Extended Thumb Grips for Xbox One | One X | One S | One Elite | Series X/S (Solid Black)

These nonslip thumb grips are made of silicone to protect your analog sticks from daily wear and tear.

Best with Concave Shape: KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks

Concave Xbox One thumb grips made of transparent plastic

These are the best available thumb grips with a concave shape. Made of transparent plastic material, they offer optimal performance for professional Call of Duty players and other competitive gamers. They also limit the force to perform certain movements, which will prevent finger fatigue. It will improve your grip and overall control while also providing you with optimal comfort while gaming.

Most Comfortable: Insten Silicone Xbox One Thumb Grips

A grippy Xbox One thumb grip that offers optimal comfort

If it is mainly grip and comfort that you need, then look no further. When you are in an intense and sweaty battle, these particular thumb grips won’t disappoint. They have a comfortable design that allows you to nestle your thumbs nicely into your analog sticks. They also come in convex and concave shapes, and they offer optimal accuracy and precision when gaming. You can also mix and match thumb grips depending on your preference.

Most Durable: GameSir Xbox One Thumb Grips

Durable Xbox One thumb grips made of rubberized silicone

Do you often have to replace your thumb grips? Opt for something that offers more durability and protection. Made of rubberized silicone material, these particular thumb grips are resistant to grease and oil, making them ideal for everyday use. They also enhance the feel and sensitivity of your controller, and they come in a pack of eight, giving you several different options to choose from according to your preferences.

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