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The Best XLR Microphones for Your Next Audio Project

mounted black XLR microphone in a recording studio

Any audiophile who has ever used a budget USB microphone knows that the sound quality can not compare to a great XLR microphone. However, with so many XLR microphones on the market, finding a great one can be a difficult task. We made this guide to showcase some of the best XLR microphones that Amazon offers to simplify your search for the perfect microphone for your own unique needs.

What to Look for in an XLR Microphone

There are plenty of factors to consider when shopping for an XLR microphone. Naturally, sound quality is the most important factor, and luckily you will not need to break the bank to find an XLR microphone with amazing sound. Sensitivity is another key factor, especially if you will not be recording in a soundproof room, so note which microphones are better at isolating the intended sound source. Finally, add-ons such as a desk stand, cables, and pop filters can add a lot of value to your microphone purchase, so these should be considered as well if they suit your needs.

Top Choice: Shure SM58-CN Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

classic shaped XLR microphone

This microphone is an industry-standard, and for good reason. This Shure Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone features vibrant sound with brightened midrange and bass roll-off while minimizing background noise wonderfully. It sports rugged construction for long-term usability and has multiple purchasing options as well, making this an excellent microphone that is reliable in a wide variety of uses.

Top Choice

Best Value: Uhuru Professional Studio Cardioid Microphone Kit

mounted black XLR microphone with recording equipment

The Uhuru Professional Studio Cardioid Microphone Kit comes with a boom arm, shock mount, pop filter, XLR cable, and windscreen, making it perfect for streamers looking for a solution to upgrading their setup. The XLR microphone features great sound quality for the price, and everything in this kit is built solidly, with no cheap filler components. For a high-quality microphone kit that does much more than its price tag would imply, this is a great choice.

Best Value

Best for Vocal Clarity: Marantz Pro MPM1000 With Shockmount, Desktop Stand, and Cable

black and chrome XLR microphone on a miniature tripod

The Marantz Pro MPM1000 features crystal clear vocal clarity with 38 dB audio sensitivity and is tailor-made for podcasters looking to get the most out of an XLR microphone. With high sensitivity and low signal to noise ratio, this microphone can capture details that lesser microphones are apt to miss. This XLR microphone also comes with a cable, desktop stand, and shock mount, making it a great value for the price.

Best for Vocal Clarity

Marantz Professional MPM-1000 - Studio Recording XLR Condenser Microphone with Desktop Stand and Cable – for Podcast and Streaming Projects

The amazing vocal clarity and high audio sensitivity of this microphone make it a great choice for podcasters and voice actors.

Best for Audiophiles: Shure MV7 XLR/USB Microphone

black XLR microphone on a hanging mount

The Shure MV7 features an XLR and USB output for effortless digital or analog recording and simple touch panel controls to tweak your sound on the go. With impressive voice isolation technology and mic position presets, this microphone can be used near or away from you without having your audio quality suffer. This microphone is also durably built with all-metal construction and features an intuitive desktop app to help you get the best sound out of your Shure MV7.

Best for Audiophiles

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