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The Best Yarn Winders

🕚 Updated September 2022

A yarn winder is a super convenient tool to convert your hanks or skeins of yarn into neat, easy-to-pull-from yarn balls. Stay organized and save time and frustration while crocheting or knitting by using a yarn winder! Here are some great ones we recommend.

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  Best Overall Best For Large Yarn Balls Best Value Best Yarn Swift Also Great
  Craft Destiny
Yarn Winder
Jumbo Metal Yarn Winder
Needlecraft Yarn Ball Winder
Yarn Swift Yarn Winder
Stanwood Needlecraft
Wooden Yarn Swift
Our SummaryA sturdy and adjustable yarn winder that comes with a convenient knitting kit.This large-scale yarn winder can meet both home and business needs, with its 10-oz capacity.This small and lightweight, hand operated yarn winder comes with a needle set.A thick, metal yarn swift that can be mounted on a table.An Amish-style wooden tabletop yarn swift.
ProsKeeps yarn neat, easy to use, adjustable, metal handle, create yarn cakes, fits on thick tables.Functional, large capacity, makes yarn balls 100 grams to 10 ounces, metal crank, padding for table protection, includes portable scissors.Includes yarn winder and knitting needles, small and lightweight, makes yarn balls up to 3.5 ounces, metal handle, table clamp.Thick and sturdy, metal parts, can be mounted/clamped, use horizontally/vertically, works with various yarn types, can unravel sweaters.Wooden, Amish-style yarn swift, easy assembly/break down, good for travel, tabletop style, adjustable, nonslip pads on bottom.
ConsNeeds to be firmly attached to table, handle may be squeaky.Crank may be noisy when used.May make some noise, yarn balls on smaller side.May rock a little when used.May not fit all skein sizes.
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The Best Yarn Winders

Purple wool that was winded on a wooden yarn winder outside in the garden.

Buying Guide for Yarn Winders

Mechanical yarn winder or reel while rewinding thread.

Why buy a yarn winder?

Often used with yarn swifts, yarn winders will spin your yarn neatly into balls to keep it from getting tangled while you work on your project. It saves you time, energy, and manual winding. Winders get the job done easily and efficiently, so if you crochet or knit, why not add one to your craft supplies?

What should you consider before purchasing a yarn winder?

  • Yarn Swifts: As mentioned, yarn winders are often used with yarn swifts. Yarn swifts resemble the underside structure of umbrellas and hold the wider-wrapped yarn as it is fed into the yarn winder to then be incorporated into the yarn ball. Consider buying a yarn swift with your yarn winder for the most efficient process.
  • Manual or Electric: You can choose from yarn winders that you control by hand or ones where the winder does it all for you.
  • Hank or Skein: Yarn is usually sold in hanks or skeins because they store well and look good on the shelf that way. Hanks of yarn are loosely wound rings that are then twisted. Skeins are basically oblong balls of yarn. Balls are the goal with yarn winders because they’re usually the easiest to keep from tangling while you actually work on your projects. It doesn’t really matter which way the yarn is sold because both can convert into the ball shape pretty easily with a winder (and swift).

What other useful yarn products are useful to have on hand?

If you enjoy yarn crafts, there are a variety of tools on the market to have on hand to make your life easier. Check out yarn dispensers, the aforementioned yarn swifts, and yarn bowls to keep your yarn balls tangle-free and ready for your next project.

Our Picks for the Best Yarn Winders

Best Overall

Craft Destiny Yarn Winder

A sturdy and adjustable yarn winder that comes with a convenient knitting kit.

Pros: This yarn winder will keep your materials in neat, working order. It’s easy to set up and use from the moment you take it out of the box. It’s made with a sturdy metal handle and tabletop clamp, whereas other yarn winders come with a plastic handle. You can transform skeins or hanks of yarn into ready-to-use cakes that can be used from the outside or the center. The metal clamp is adjustable.

Cons: This yarn winder needs to be firmly attached to the table to avoid movement while in use. Some reviewers mentioned the handle is squeaky when in use.

Bottom Line: Instead of having your stash of yarn disorganized and at risk of becoming a tangled mess, use this yarn winder to create stackable, wound yarn cakes!


Best for Large Yarn Balls

LAMXD Jumbo Metal Yarn Winder

This large-scale yarn winder can meet both home and business needs.

Pros: This blue and white yarn winder is super functional and can make yarn balls from 100 grams to 10 ounces. The metal crank is made to be unbreakable and low noise, with its cast iron base and stable gears. This tool features rubber padding and will protect your table while it is in use. This purchase also comes with portable sewing scissors.

Cons: Some reviewers mentioned that the crank is actually noisy when in use.

Bottom Line: This accommodating yarn winder comes with a detailed paper manual, and it also includes links to installation instruction videos.


Best Value

LAMXD Needlecraft Yarn Ball Winder

This small and lightweight, hand-operated yarn winder comes with a needle set.

Pros: This complete tool kit includes a small, lightweight yarn winder with a detachable winding head and knitting needles. The winding head is detachable, which makes it convenient for carrying. This tool will transform loose yarn into neat yarn balls up to 3.5 ounces in weight. The winder has a metal handle and tabletop clamp, which can be tightened to a table or desk when in use.

Cons: This yarn ball winder does make some noise while in use. This winder makes skeins on the smaller side, so it’s not the best choice if you’re looking to make larger yarn balls.

Bottom Line: This yarn winder makes a wonderful gift for the DIYer or knitter in your life.


Best Yarn Swift

Yarn Swift Yarn Winder Yarn Ball Winder Knitting Yarn Holder

A thick, metal yarn swift that can be mounted on a table.

Pros: This yarn swift has thick metal parts that are sturdy and can be set up horizontally or vertically. It can easily be mounted on a table, with a clamp that holds the swift in place and spins freely to wind skeins. The mental construction is easy to work with and is designed to go at any angle. This swift works with various yarns in different thicknesses, and it can even be used to unravel sweaters to reuse the yarn in 60-inch hanks.

Cons: The winder may rock a little when used, but it is still an effective tool.

Bottom Line: If you have limited table space, you can use this hanging off the table without it getting in the way.


Also Great

Pros: This Amish-style yarn swift is large and made of wood. It is easy to assemble and will be compact once disassembled for storage. It’s in a tabletop style and can easily be adjusted by moving the pegs to hold various skeins sizes. The bottom has four nonslip pads, so it won’t move around on the table while in use.

Cons: Some reviewers mentioned that larger yarn skeins did not fit on this winder.

Bottom Line: A great advantage of this winder is that it can be easily taken apart and stored away or carried around. It spins smoothly and makes yarn winding a fun job!

Final Thoughts

Yarn winders are a great product to have if you work with yarn since they will help you keep your yarn neat and organized for more efficient knitting or crocheting.

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