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The Best Yoga Blocks for Your Workout

A woman doing a yoga pose while holding two purple yoga blocks. Whether you have taken every class at your favorite yoga studio or are just beginning an at-home practice, yoga blocks can help you feel more comfortable and stable as you flow through poses. Beginners utilize them to practice body alignment and to modify poses to fit their strength level. Advanced yogis can intensify their stretches and challenge their muscles with a correctly placed yoga block. Wherever you’re at in your yoga journey, a yoga block can help you reach a new level. Here are some fantastic yoga blocks we recommend.

Purchasing a Yoga Block

Keep these things in mind when looking for a yoga block that fits your practice:

  • Weight: Lightweight blocks are ideal for everyday use at home as they are easy to move as you transition between poses. They are also ideal for those that attend studio classes. If the block seems too large to fit in your carrying bag, opt for a half-block that is around 3 inches thick. Users that participate in hot yoga should look for blocks that are heavier and denser so that they don’t slip when met with sweaty hands and mats.
  • Material: Yoga blocks made of foam are best for those using the blocks to add support beneath joints and sensitive areas. Firmness is important for stability but foam helps to provide a comfortable fit to your body. Cork is a great material for support and can also handle your entire body weight if needed due to its durability.
  • Size: Depending on your hand size, the traditional yoga block may be an uncomfortable fit. While taking into consideration your size, you should also assess your flexibility as smaller blocks require you to reach further in a stretch. Half-blocks are ideal for adding a little extra height to your block if it isn’t providing you enough support during poses.

Best Basic: REEHUT Yoga Blocks

A person placing their hands on two purple yoga blocks made from foam.

This lightweight block is ideal for beginners looking to support their body through the unfamiliar movements of yoga. Made from high-density EVA foam, this yoga block can withstand heavy weights without splitting or cracking as you move through different poses. If you’re prone to sweaty hands during exercise, this block is moisture-proof and slip-resistant to give you the best grip possible. It even has beveled edges to ensure that the edges don’t dig into your hands and body during use.

Best Cork: Manduka Cork Yoga Block, Resilient Material

A yoga block made from cork with a label that states the brand Manduka.

You don’t have to be particularly environmentally conscious to enjoy this cork yoga block from Manduka. Cork is naturally anti-microbial and water-resistant, allowing it to withstand even the warmest hot yoga session. Due to its inherent resilience and durability, you can use this session after session without the block showing signs of wear. The textured surface and rounded edges create a more comfortable hold when supporting your body. If the traditional block is too large for your practice, check out their lean cork block that is half as tall.

Best Cork

Manduka Cork Yoga Block – Resilient Sustainable Material, Portable, Comfortable, Easy to Grip Fitness, Yoga Exercise & Pilates | 9" x 6" x 4"

This block is specially made with fine-grain cork material that is more lightweight than traditional cork.

Best Color Options: Gaiam Yoga Block-Supportive Latex-Free

A person's hands placed on a grey yoga block with the persons feet on either side.

Advance your yoga poses’ balance and stability while expressing your style with one of the colorful Gaiam blocks. With 28 options to choose from, your yoga block can showcase your favorite color, pattern, or texture. Each color is designed with nonslip material and beveled edges to provide users with a solid grip. The durable foam can support your body weight while remaining lightweight as you take it from your home to the studio.

Best Color Options

Best Set: BalanceFrom GoYoga 7-Piece Set

A red yoga set that has a rolled up yoga mat, carrying strap, small knee mat, two yoga blocks, a stretch strap, and two towels.

Elevate your yoga practice with a set that prepares you for any pose. The two yoga blocks are accompanied by a thick EVA foam mat that features nonslip surfaces on both sides. Hot yoga lovers will enjoy the mat and hand towel’s machine-washable fabrics that keep your mat and body dry. If you need extra support on the mat, opt for the extra cushioning of the 1/2-inch mat and additional knee pad mat for ultimate comfort on your knees and hands.

Best Set

BalanceFrom GoYoga 7-Piece Set - Include Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap, 2 Yoga Blocks, Yoga Mat Towel, Yoga Hand Towel, Yoga Strap and Yoga Knee Pad (Red, 1/2"-Thick Mat)

Take on advanced yoga poses with the two supporting yoga blocks and stretch strap that challenge your flexibility.

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