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The Best Zippers for All Your Sewing Needs

Most of us don’t think much about zippers until they break. But if you know how to completely replace a zipper or love to sew and create or fix up things like jackets, purses, or pillow covers, then here are some great zippers to add to your supplies.

What to Consider in a Zipper

The best zipper will depend on what you need it for, but there are a few things every zipper should have in common:

  • Size: Smaller zippers are great for seating cushions or smaller applications like kids’ clothes, while larger zippers are best for enclosures on heavy-duty projects like jackets or bigger bags.
  • Teeth Zippers: These will be stiffer and straighter, giving more strength and durability.
  • Coil Zippers: These offer flexibility for curved projects.
  • Metal Zippers: These give you the best durability but will not be very flexible.
  • Plastic Zippers: Typically, plastic zippers are more colorful and are easy for children to operate, but they aren’t as durable as metal ones.

Best Overall: OUTUXED 120pcs Colorful Sewing Zippers

This set contains 120 mixed sizes of zippers. Each is a nylon coil, and the set offers 20 different colors and multiple lengths (9 inches, 14 inches, and 18 inches) to choose from. The colors range from yellow, red, green, pink, blue, purple, light green, orange, light blue, black, white, brown, and more to make sure you always have the perfect color to match your project. The zipper is made of high-quality material, and each has a metal zipper head for added durability. They are professionally dyed as well as nontoxic.

Best Overall

Outuxed Zippers 120pcs 7.8 Inches 12 Inches 16 Inches Mixed Nylon Coil Zippers Colorful Sewing Zippers for Tailor Sewing Crafts, 20 Assorted Colors

A variety of colors and professional quality make this zipper set ready for any color of sewing project.

Best Bulk Brass: Leekayer #5 Antique Brass Coil Zippers By the Yard

You get 10 yards of coil zipper with 25 zipper sliders in this purchase. The sliders are high-quality and antique brass-plated to perfectly match the zippers. The zippers can be cut to whichever length you need for your next project for complete customization and durability.

Best Bulk Brass

Leekayer #5 Antique Brass Metallic Nylon Coil Zippers by The Yard Bulk 10 Yards Black Tape with 25pcs Brass Sliders for DIY Sewing Tailor Craft Bag(Black)

With 10 yards, you can completely customize the use of your zipper from short to long projects with a durable zipper.

Best Heavy-Duty: MebuZip #8 27-Inch Black Nickel Jacket Zipper

These zippers are right-handed with durable black nickel teeth that are about 27 inches long. Each is sturdy, flexible, and durable for sewing on jackets, handbags, wallets, or anything else. The teeth are easy-separating, and the material makes them strong yet easy to sew onto textile or leather.

Best Heavy-Duty

MebuZip #8 27 Inch Black Nickel Teeth Separating Jacket Zipper Right Handed Zipper Heavy Duty Metal Zippers for Men's Jackets Coats Sewing (27" RH)

With durability and easy-separating teeth, these zippers are perfect for any tough project like jackets and bags.

Best Instant Fix: PUTCUT Instant Zipper Clip& Zip Quick Fix

These innovative quick zipper fixes come in universal sizes, so they work on most common zipper problems: split zipper tracks, broken sliders, even up to three missing teeth. They fit on jeans, duffle bags, purses, jackets, and more to quickly remedy any zipper issue. Each is made of nylon plastic, so they are BPA-free with no other harmful or toxic chemicals. They are easy to install without any tools—even in the middle of the zipper—and can be zipped in both directions.

Best Instant Fix

Best Plastic: YaHoGa #5 Plastic Zippers

This set comes with ten different colors to choose from. Each zipper is about 13 inches in length. They are made of plastic resin nylon with a lifting ring pull for easy closing and opening. These cute zippers are ideal for bags, wallets, purses, or any other DIY sewing venture.

Best Plastic

YaHoGa 10PCS 12 Inch (30CM) #5 Plastic Zippers with Lifting Ring Pull Close End Vislon Zippers for DIY Sewing Craft Bags Garment 12" Resin Zippers (30cm)

Made of resin nylon for durability, these zippers have various colors for you to choose from to match your next sewing project.

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