The Biggest Stuffed Animals You Can Buy

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The stuffed animal is a beloved toy staple of childrens’ rooms all across the world. It’s a fluffy and adorable sight that’s easy to play with at any age, but haven’t you always hoped that your plush buddy was just a little bit bigger, or maybe even a heck of a lot bigger? Well, that’s where we have you covered because some of the most adorable stuffed animals you can buy your kiddo also happen to be some of the biggest. So, here are a few oversized plush toys we think you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Kid’s Giant Teddy

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Size: No, not every stuffed animal you come across will really look like a giant, but some come wondrously close. Because of this, there are varying degrees of size you’ll want to consider with an oversized plush because not everyone has the space for a human-sized toy lying around the house.
  • Comfort: We tend to assume that every stuffed animal will feel as comfy as the last, given its loose foam filling. However, some toys are still softer than others. Seek out options that place emphasis on the kindest surface and internal materials, including the likes of cotton, polyester, or faux suede.
  • The Critter: Of course, the real fun in owning a stuffed animal is having one that speaks to your personality and animal appreciation. Are you the type of person who admires the classic, down-to-earth appeal of a stuffed teddy bear? Or, do you love stepping outside of the woods and embracing animals from all over the world (real and fictional)?

Largest Plush Toy: MorisMos Big Plush Giant Teddy Bear

A light brown, 51-inch stuffed teddy bear sits in an upright position, showcasing its detailed paw-prints.

Plopping into your heart with its enormous 51-inch frame, this MorisMos Giant Teddy Bear takes the classic plush grizzly you know and love and adds 4 feet to its adorable design. The entirety of the teddy’s body features super light brown soft fur, while its interior is actually slightly under-stuffed so that you can really wrap your arms around it. The subtle detailing in its marbled eyes and the paw print stitching on both of its weighted paws only adds to the cute factor, too.

Largest Plush Toy

MorisMos Big Plush Giant Teddy Bear Premium Soft Stuffed Animals Light Brown,51 Inches

A classic stuffed teddy bear blown up to epic and extra- cuddly proportions.

Cutest Plush Toy: Animal Adventure Sqoosh2Poof Jumbo Plush Unicorn

A 44-inch unicorn with a light pink coat, white hooves, and a multicolor mane and tail.
Animal Adventure

For the person who appreciates a bit more wonder in their stuffed animals, this Animal Adventure Sqoosh2Poof Jumbo Plush Unicorn is magical in appearance and in accessories. The mere sight of a unicorn is destined to stand out in a room or child’s playpen, but when it comes in a lush pink hue with a multicolored mane and tail, well, that just takes the mythical cake. Each Sqoosh2Poof plush also contains a handful of neat side perks, like cutout facemasks, coloring pages, and a crossword puzzle.

Cutest Plush Toy

Animal Adventure | Sqoosh2Poof | Jumbo Plush Character Compressed Inside Small Box | 44" Unicorn

This stuffed unicorn comes in a bold pink hue and includes some nifty side perks to play with, too.

Most Detailed Plush: Linzy 50” Standing Giraffe

A 50-inch tall giraffe that features large marble eyes, a feathery-brown mane and tail, and animal-accurate molding along its face.

Like the African animal itself, this Linzy Standing Giraffe totals at exactly 50 inches tall and is detailed to a T, from its two-toed hooves and all the way up to its emblematic long neck. The giraffe features a combination of well-shaped and rigid portions that maintain a lifelike design and ultra-plush sections that really let polyester stuffing shine, balancing its huggable nature with its decorative potential.

Most Detailed Plush

Linzy 50'' Standing Giraffe, tan, 15 x 25 x 50 inches

A long, tall, and incredibly detailed giraffe that's cuddly where needed but firm enough to keep its distinct height over time.

Best Aquatic Plush: MerryXD Chubby Blob Seal Pillow

A woman hugs a wide, 23.6-inch seal that features a white and gray speckled pattern.

Amusingly convincing in its plump size and pinched face, this MerryXD Chubby Blob Seal Pillow offers a hilarious sight gag one moment, then keeps your neck comfy when taking a midday break at the work desk. This aquatic pupper features a kind, skin-friendly surface and high-quality cotton filling that plumps it for non-stop squeezing. Buy it for the doughy feel; keep it for a lifetime of laughs.

Best Aquatic Plush

MerryXD Chubby Blob Seal Pillow,Stuffed Cotton Plush Animal Toy Cute Ocean Large(23.6 in)

An adorable stuffed seal toy that delivers on the skin-friendly feel and hilarious look.

Best Cuddle Buddy: GUND Zi-Bo Panda Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Plush

A 17-inch, black and cream-colored panda with a wispy fur coat all around.

Who better to take a snooze next to than one of the sleepiest dudes in the animal kingdom? This GUND Zi-Bo Panda Bear Plush is 17 inches of total bliss, as its premier plush surface will have you wondering, “Why shouldn’t I take a break for a few minutes?” And while it sits upright, the panda’s malleable design is perfect for wrapping yourself around and with little fuss. It’s a great pick for all midday nappers and animal lovers. 

Best Cuddle Buddy

GUND Zi-Bo Panda Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Plush, 17"

With its plush cotton construction, this panda embodies the joy of taking a midday break.

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