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The Coolest Garbage Truck Toys You Can Buy

Finding high-quality pieces of entertainment for your kids can be hard. While you want to make sure they’re having fun, it would also be nice if their toys doubled as teaching tools. By investing in a good garbage truck toy, you’ll get the best of both worlds. The right garbage truck toy will allow your kids to use their imagination while learning about the functional aspects of real-life garbage trucks. Here are some fantastic garbage truck toys that we recommend.

Buying a Garbage Truck Toy for Your Child

You want the best for your kids, so it’s important to know what goes into their toys before you buy them. Look for garbage truck toys that are made with child-safe materials, such as non-toxic ABS plastic. You’ll want to make sure that the truck is durable enough to withstand rough play, so look for trucks designed with sturdy materials. While not totally necessary, it is nice to have a garbage truck toy that comes with additional accessories to enhance gameplay and functionality.

Best Overall: PLAYMOBIL Green Recycling Truck

This garbage truck toy acts as both a fun addition to your children’s toy collection and a learning tool that teaches them the importance of recycling. As your kids play with the truck, they can collect recyclables by lifting the included recycling container and then emptying its contents into the back of the truck. The recycling truck comes mostly pre-assembled and includes two moveable figures and other accessories. This truck is a great way to teach your kids how recycling positively impacts both their community and the environment.

Best Overall

PLAYMOBIL Green Recycling Truck

This garbage truck toy teaches your kids the importance of recycling by having them collect recyclables to empty into the truck.

Most Durable: Zets Toy Garbage Truck with 4D Lights and Sound

Looking for a toy that can withstand your rowdy toddler? This garbage truck toy is designed to survive even the roughest bumps and crashes. Built with strong, durable plastic, the truck includes a “bump and go” feature that allows it to change direction every time it hits a wall. Not only is the truck durable, but it is also extremely captivating. It features 4D colorful lights that light up the room and high-quality sound. This is the best garbage truck for kids who like to play rough with their toys.

Most Durable

Toy Garbage Truck for Kids with 4D Lights and Sounds - Battery Operated Automatic Bump & Go Car - Sanitation Truck Stickers

Built with strong plastic, this garbage truck toy is designed to withstand horseplay.

Best for the Environment: Green Toys Recycling Truck

This truck toy puts the environment first in more ways than one. Not only does this recycling truck teach children the importance of recycling as a way to take care of the planet, but it is also made with environmentally-friendly materials! It does not include BPA, PVC, or phthalates, making it safe for both the Earth and your child. This truck toy does not come in plastic packaging in order to further emphasize the importance of taking care of the planet. It features three different shoots to teach your child what materials should be recycled: one for plastics, one for metals, and one for papers. Through and through, this truck toy truly does what it can to stress the importance of recycling.

Best for the Environment

Green Toys Recycling Truck in Green Color - BPA Free, Phthalates Free Garbage Truck for Improving Gross Motor, Fine Motor Skills. Kids Play Vehicles

This recycling truck toy is designed with eco-friendly materials that make it safe for both your child and the environment.

Best Set: JOYIN Jumbo Recycling Garbage Truck

This garbage truck toy gives you the most bang for your buck. The side-dump garbage truck comes with a garbage can, a recycling can, a can for food waste, and a screwdriver with three types of replaceable heads. These additional accessories enhance playtime by encouraging kids to think creatively, improving cognitive development, problem-solving, and motor skills. The toy truck includes a moveable arm that can be used to collect the trash cans, simulating the functions of a real recycling truck. It is friction powered, meaning you’ll never need batteries, and it features realistic lights and sounds. It is made from non-toxic, non-BPA, and lead-free ABS plastic. If you are looking for a full toy set for your kids, this may be the right choice for you.

Best Set
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