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The Most Exciting Toys for Toddlers

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Toys have and will remain a defining piece of recreation in the lives of kids all over the world. Whether they be the plush animals we kept in our crib, the building block kit scattered across the bedroom floor, or the toys that should’ve been kept in the bedroom but found their way into the backyard mud instead, we’ll look back on the toys of our youth with unbounded joy. If your toddler is at the age where they can truly begin to appreciate a trinket, then here are a few toys we think you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Toddler’s Next Toy

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Play Style: The right toy for your toddler should speak to the kind of user they are, meaning their interests and what they feel most comfortable attempting to use. Seek out options that aren’t too far out of their normal toy styles. However, if this is a toddler’s first real toy, consider something highly interactive to set a play style early on.
  • The Right Balance: In addition to providing a surfeit of fun, it’s important that the toy you buy also be able to teach your toddler a thing or two along the way. Toys are already predisposed to get children moving around; however, some of the most entertaining options are designed to not only gauge your child’s love of learning but strengthen their cognitive and motor skills as well.
  • Safe Guarding: It’s also imperative that your toddler’s next toy is accommodating for their health at all times. Make sure your toy is crafted from nontoxic materials that are up to the task of daily play. Additionally, if you’re buying a battery-operated toy, make sure the overall construction aims to keep any wires or batteries firmly concealed inside the product.

Best Bubble Machine: Lydaz Bubble Mower for Toddlers

A multicolor bubble mower that includes three bubble solutions and three purple wands.

Watch iridescent suds bloom from the front of this colorful Lydaz Bubble Mower, a playful push lawnmower that makes for great backyard use and role-playing while the parents tend to the garden. The complete contents of the toy include one push mower, three bubble solution bottles, and three bubble wands. Its three AA batteries drive the revolving bubble wands at the front of the mower while creating realistic engine sounds when in motion.

Best Bubble Machine

Best Drawing Mat: Toyk Store Water Doodle Mat

An ocean-themed water color mat with four design templates, six ink-free pens, and shapes of varying colors.

Providing ample space for worry-free drawing sessions, this Water Doodle Mat from Toyk Store is large but easily foldable, making for portable fun anytime and anywhere. It’s an option that provides great interaction indoors and outdoors for kids of all ages. The 40- by 28-inch doodle mat employs water-color magic rather than real ink, so children are guaranteed a mess-free and nontoxic drawing experience. Additional materials include six water-color pens, drawing templates, a drawing booklet for inspiration, and a storage bag to keep it all together.

Best Drawing Mat

Best Piano Mat: Joyjoz Baby Musical Mat

A mother and daughter dancing on opposite ends of an animal farm-themed piano mat.

Another portable entertainment mat that’s capable of creating a different kind of art entirely, this Joyjoz Baby Musical Mat provides endless melodies while developing several cognitive and motor functions in young toddlers. This mat features two musical settings: one mode which can play nine songs at random, and another “one-click” annotation mode with nine scales and seven different farm animal sounds. It provides an ideal way for children to express themselves and even rewards their propensity for kicking and hopping.

Best for Playing House: Melissa & Doug Dust, Sweep, and Mop

A young boy organizes an indoor cleaning stand consisting of a mop, broom, duster, brush, and dust pan.

Seeking a clear-cut educational toy? This Dust, Sweep, and Mop toy from Melissa & Doug is crafted to inspire hours of pretend play while parents commit themselves to the real chores. The mop, broom, duster, brush, and organizing stand feature durable wooden construction for a real, hefty feel in their hands. Kids will feel an earned sense of responsibility by playing house in their own simple way.

Best for Playing House

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6 Piece Pretend Play Set

A four-count of colorful home cleaning tools that will teach kids how to care for their home.

Best Puzzle Set: Melissa & Doug Vehicles 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

A fire engine puzzle stands above a wooden box containing four storage ports with more jigsaw pieces.

A simple but engaging set of four, these Melissa & Doug Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles feature vehicle-themed brainteasers: a race car, steam engine, school bus, and fire engine. This four-in-one comes in a sturdy wooden storage box that doesn’t just provide easy portability but also doubles as a board where kids can piece together each puzzle. You’ll buy it for the hand-eye coordination and problem-solving perks, but in the end, you’ll always enjoy its lively depictions of classic and modern transportation.

Best Puzzle Set

Melissa & Doug Vehicles 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in a Storage Box (48 pcs)

This jigsaw puzzle set features four depictions of modern vehicles.

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