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The Most Fun Erasers for Your Kids

On the left, a person using a pink eraser to remove letters from a page. In the center, a white eraser laying on notebook paper. On the right, roller erasers laying on paper.
Paper Mate/Pentel/Mr. Pen

When mistakes happen, they should be erasable. Yes, we are talking about erasers here!

From colorful pencil toppers to animals inspired designs, there is no shortage of fun erasers for your kids. Below, we have gathered together our favorites. Read on to see products that are great for fun, academics, and even the best precision erasers.

What to Consider When Purchasing Erasers

Contrary to popular belief, not all erasers are created equal! Consider these key factors while shopping for your next erasers:

  • Use: To erase, we know, but will the eraser be used in art class for drawing where a more precision eraser may be useful? Or are you planning on using it during a test where there can’t be any smudges or ripped paper?
  • Size: If your kid (or you) likes or needs to erase a lot, then a larger eraser will be better. If something a little smaller is preferred, then a pencil top can be the answer.
  • Material: Latex-free designs can be great, although as long as the eraser is non-toxic, it will be safe for your kiddo. Quality rubber is typically the best to help eliminate paper tears or smudges.

Top Choice: Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser

Pentel white eraser in blue packaging

These high-quality latex-free erasers can easily remove markings with little pressure. They are available in a range of different colors, sizes, and packs. The block design means getting into corners is easy, as well as erasing large areas without any smudges or tears. The polymer design reduces the likelihood of the eraser aging and cracking. There is also an included sleeve to help keep the eraser clean.

Top Choice

Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser

A square design that easily erases both corners and large areas without smudging or tearing paper.

Best Academic: Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers

box of pink paper mate pink block erasers with two displayed out by side
Paper Mate

These classic erasers are made of 100% latex-free rubber and designed to be smudged-resistant. They are great for all uses, including school, home, or even business. These erasers feature sharp corners to easily remove graphite from small areas and corners. They can be used on standardized tests and exams, and can even erase large areas.

Best Academic

Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers

Smudge-free design with sharp corners that make it great for anyone from students to serious artists.

Best with Cover: Mr. Pen Erasers with Cover and Roller

six animal print eraser covers with views of cap removed to show roller and eraser
Mr. Pen

These cute, high-quality latex-free erasers have a compact design that allows them to be easily tucked into pencil cases or pockets. Each one has an animal face and full-body image, while the eraser can cleanly and easily erase without damaging the paper. The cover will protect your eraser and keep it clean while the roller helps clean up any eraser shaving, so your picture, test, or notes are safe.

Best with Cover

Mr. Pen Erasers with Cover and Roller

Designed with cute animal-themed covers to keep the eraser clean and a roller to clean up any shavings.

Best Precision: Tombow Precision Tip Pen-Style Eraser

On the left, a pen-style eraser in its black and red packaging. On the right, a person refilling the tube with an eraser refill.

These uniquely shaped erasers will easily remove graphite marks without damaging the paper. The slim design makes them great for students from the art room to the exam room. This eraser pen will last you through the most heavy-duty erasing as each pack comes with a refill. There is a thumb grip to help control precision and an easy-click design to reveal more erasers when needed.

Best Precision

Tombow Precision Tip Pen-Style Eraser

This pen-style eraser offers a thumb grip, and the eraser is designed to cleanly erase without tearing or smudging paper.

Best Cap: Paper Mate Arrowhead Pink Pearl Cap Erasers

multiple pink pencil-top erasers in various positions on white background
Paper Mate

These erasers are the ideal replacements for worn-down pencil erasers and are made from premium smudge-free rubber. Designed to help prevent paper tears, they are great for both the office or school and snugly fit on the top of the pencil. The pack comes with 144 eraser tops, making these pencil caps ideal for classrooms.

Best Cap

Paper Mate Arrowhead Pink Pearl Cap Erasers

Designed to sit on a pencil top to replace a worn-down eraser, these pencil caps offer precision and smear resistance.

Most Fun: URSKYTOUS Animal Pencil Erasers

multiple animal style erasers

These tiny animal erasers are great to fit inside pencil cases and come apart to create a puzzle for kids to put back together! They are made of non-toxic rubber to easily erase pencil marks and offer a wide assortment of animals. The cute designs make the erasers great as a surprise present or as a treasure chest prize.

Most Fun

URSKYTOUS Animal Pencil Erasers

Multiple small and cute animals made of non-toxic rubber for clean erasing.

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