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The Most Stylish Golf Belts for Men

When you go on a golf outing, your style is almost as important as your swing. Having a stylish belt not only adds a bit of flair to an otherwise standard ensemble, but it can also be functional in keeping your pants and polo firmly in place. No golf outfit is really complete without one! Check out our top picks for golf belts below.

What to Look for in a Golf Belt

Belts have only really been standard in the last 100 years or so. Before the Roaring ’20s, pants didn’t include belt loops. Now there are many options available to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Here are some things to consider when making a choice:

  • Belt Style: Braided belts have gained popularity in recent years, but you can also grab a belt made of any different materials. Some will have more stretch; some will feature unique leathers. Make sure to find the belt style that matches you and your needs.
  • Buckle Style: The buckle does most of the work and is front-and-center on your outfit. You can find hole-less belts that have a hidden mechanism behind the buckle. There are also O or D ring belts that replace a standard buckle with an adjustable ring setup.
  • Personal Style: Regardless of what type of belt you choose, a truly fashionable belt should stand out on its own. If you’d rather let your outfit shine in the spotlight, find a more solid-colored version.

Best Braided: PGA TOUR Multicolor Stretch Belt

Braided belts are a classic choice for major adjustability. This belt by PGA TOUR is 100% nylon and won’t restrict you like other belts. Since this belt has a braided design, you can work the nickel brush finish buckle into any part of the woven fabric. The elasticity of the nylon will also allow for a more comfortable fit than a standard belt with a fixed length. It comes in three different color options that have an appealing grouping of colors within each option as well.

Best Braided

PGA TOUR Multicolor Stretch Braid Men's Golf Belt, Grey, XL

Get a great fit and great style with this stretchy braided belt.

Best Closed Buckle: Nike Golf Web Belt

Sporting this Nike belt will have you feeling like a pro. These belts come in a three-pack of different colors so that you can have a variety of options to match your outfit of the day. They are all 100% cotton and feature a buckle closure system in which the buckle can be removed and put onto another belt in your pack. You can also utilize the Nike Personalized Fit Technology and cut the strap down to fit your body so that you don’t have a ton of excess belt. It is adjustable up to a size 42 waist.

Best Closed Buckle

Best Color Options: Under Armour Braided Belt 2.0

Under Armour is a well-known brand that equates to style and functionality. This braided belt has all the adjustability of a standard braided belt, with the sleek style that Under Armour is known for. It is 84% polyester and 16% elastane and is machine washable as well. The material is stretchy to allow for more flexibility. The leather end pieces are sure to elevate your style. You can choose from 12 different options to get the perfect belt to match your favorite golf outfit.

Best Color Options

Under Armour Men's Braided Belt 2.0 , Black (001)/Black , 30

Find the right match for your style with this belt.

Best Premium: Fresco Golf Full Grain Leather Belt

This stylish handcrafted belt by Fresco is a high-end golf belt. It is made with full-grain leather with special fibers between the layers to allow for more flexibility and durability. The belt buckle is made from zamak metal alloy and has a sleek brushed matte finish. This belt is white leather but features a pop of color in the stitching to subtly accent your fit. You can choose from white, blue, black, or red stitching.

Best Premium

Fresco Golf Full Grain Leather Casual White Men's Belt, White/Blue, 42

A premium white leather belt for your golf outings.

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