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The Most Stylish Platform Boots for Women

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Platform boots are, quite simply, any type of boot with a sole that is unusually and obviously thicker than average, specifically a sole that is between 1 to 4 inches (3 to 10 centimeters) tall. Many people think of wedges or flat-bottomed boots when they think of platform shoes. While these certainly qualify, a boot with any type of heel, even a thin stiletto, is still considered a platform boot as long as the sole thickness fits the appropriate dimensions. Though they’re often associated with disco and U.S. pop culture of the 1960s and ’70s, platform shoes have been discovered as far back as ancient Greece and Rome, where people wore them as a way to keep their hems out of the mud and muck. While this can certainly be a side benefit, most people nowadays are more likely to wear them because they enjoy the extra inches of height that come with wearing platform boots or simply like the look. Some people find them easier to walk around in than standard high heels or find that they put less stress on the balls of their feet. This can make them a good choice for anyone who wants the benefit of high heels without some of the usual drawbacks. Because platform boots come in so many styles, you can find a pair that suits your look for casual wear, the office, clubbing, date night, and more.

Choosing Platform Boots

Here’s what you’ll want to consider before purchasing a pair of platform boots:

  • Height: Since platform boots can provide 1 to 4 extra inches of height, you can find platform boots with soles in any of these ranges. It all depends on how much height you want in your new boots. You can also find platform boots of different lengths from ankle, calf-high, or knee-length.
  • Style: You can find platform boots in just about any style of boot you want; sneaker books, stiletto-heeled, wedge boots, slip-ons, lace-ups, and more. Consider the type of look you want to achieve with your platform boots and the skirts or pants you’d wear them with, and choose according to what will best suit your look.
  • Color: Many platform boots come in black, white, or brown, but these colors are not your only options. As with many boots and shoes, platform boots come in just about any color or shade you might want.

Best Tall Boots: Celnepho Women’s High Platform Wedges 

This is a classic pair of tall black platform boots. With 3-inch heels and a 2-inch rubber platform sole, these boots will give you a nice boost while remaining comfortable whether you’re walking, standing, or dancing. Made of high-quality polyurethane materials, you can buy and wear these boots secure in the knowledge that they’re vegan and cruelty-free. Rather than have you worry about laces that run all the way to the top, these boots only feature a side zipper, so they’re quick and easy to slide on and off. With a purchase here, you’re guaranteed a stylish and secure fit without worrying about your boots coming loose or sliding off, no matter how vigorously you walk or dance.

Best Tall Boots

Womens High Platform Mid Calf Wedges Chunky High Heel Round-Toe Side Zip Fanshion Combat Boots For Women

A secure set of high-legged platform boots made of polyurethane materials and rubber.

Best Ankle Boots: DREAM PAIRS Women’s Fashion Ankle Boots

Fashions come and go, changing with the years and the seasons, but a sleek pair of ankle boots will always look in vogue. These fashionable platform ankle boots combine height, style, and sturdiness for a timeless look. The almond-toed silhouette, 4-inch chunky heel, grid strip side design, and knit ankle cuff proves classic style and looks great with jeans and other pants, leggings, and skirts alike. The 11-inch boot opening gives you plenty of space to get the boots on and off with ease, and the laces, ankle strap buckle, and zipper closure keep them secure once they’re on your feet. The rubber TPR exterior lends the boots some strength and durability. They come in ten total colors and designs to choose from, from classic black to various browns to a bold leopard print, so you’re sure to find a color that best suits your wardrobe.

Best Ankle Boots

Best Slip-Ons: PUMA Women’s Sneaker Boots

When it comes to boots, sometimes you simply don’t have the time to lace up, zipper, and fasten buckles. Some days you just need to be able to slip your feet into a pair with no hassle and go. That’s where these sneaker-style platform boots come in handy. The boots are wide and flexible around the ankle, shaft, and opening to give you plenty of room to slide your feet in even while wearing thick socks without issue. This spaciousness gives you extra comfort during wear, too, as you will be able to move around without the sides of the boots rubbing against your feet and causing blisters. Made of cowhide leather, they’re durable and hardwearing. While not specifically designed to be waterproof, they do offer your feet some degree of protection against bad weather. They are available in five colors, from classic black to a bright, multicolored option. This deceptively simple design will match a wide range of outfits in your closet.

Best Slip-Ons

Puma x Fenty Chelsea Sneaker Boot

A deceptively simple design that will match most outfits and slide onto your feet with hassle-free ease.

Best Traction: VOMIRA Women’s Wedge Platform Boots

Many people assume that platform boots are either uncomfortable or precarious, or both. These slip-resistant boots prove that this does not, by a long shot, have to be the case. The rubber sole is slip-resistant on the outside and comfortable on the inside, as well as protective of the bottom of your feet and heels. You can walk around inside or outside all day, even wear these boots hiking, without fear of slipping and falling or having super sore feet at the end of the day. The rest of the boots are made from high-quality artificial leather, which is soft to the touch for additional comfort. The platform soles measure in at just over 1.5 inches thick. They lace up tightly up the front with two ankle buckles for additional security and style and are available in black, brown, glittery pink and blue, or white. The rounded toe and sleek wedge design make these boots a great choice for casual wear or for trendier events, as they’ll match any outfit from jeans and a t-shirt to a flowing floral print dress and everything in between. Whether you are wearing them hiking, shopping, riding a motorcycle, walking to class, on a date, or out to a party, these platform boots will look great and give you extra confidence.

Best Traction

VOMIRA Women's Platform Boots Round Toe Wedges Lace Up Boots High Heels Side Zipper Combat Boots

A pair of platform boots with a thick rubber sole to keep you from slipping and falling, which makes them suitable for a range of activities, even hiking.

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