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The Best AirPod Pro Cases

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🕚 Updated October 2021

When AirPods hit the scene, the worry of tangled chords and ripped inner circuitry went out the window. They're among Apple's great devices of the new music age, which means if you break them, you'll sob for a month.

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  Best Overall Most Stylish Most Durable Best Food-Themed Choice Stunning Floral Design
Soft Silicone Case Cover
Cosmo Series Case
Tough Armor for AirPods Pro Case
Ice Cream AirPods Pro Case
Rifle Paper Co. Case
Our SummaryThis case cover is constructed from a tough yet supple silicone material that looks fun while preventing damage.A gorgeous collection of kaleidoscopic case covers that make a grand statement while protecting your AirPods.A rock-solid choice for providing the utmost safety for your AirPod Pro case.A playful silicone case cover that doesn't take itself too seriously while protecting your earbuds.A stylistically bold choice for the kind of person who loves flowers.
ProsSimple yet effective, scratchproof, conveniently priced, available in 35 different shades.Equal parts fashion piece and assured safeguarding method, adhesive strips keep cap in place, TPU construction.High durability, disperses shock throughout frame to prevent stress in single area, maintains soft feel.Sight gag, incredibly detailed, crafted from premium silicone.Eye-catching graphic designs, impact-resistant, compatible with both wireless and lightning cable charging.
ConsNo internal or external factors truly standout, might not hold up well over time.Exposed lanyard can catch other objects when not in use, wireless charging function might not work with all types of chargers.Surface is difficult to keep clean, thick material makes it hard to store in pockets, flimsy carabiner.Details will be the first to go over time, thick material prevents pocket storage, included keyring doesn't clasp tightly.Hardshell plastic design lacks a considerate buffer for the case, charging slot doesn't feature dust cover.
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The Best AirPod Pro Cases

Close up of woman wearing a yellow coat holding AirPods with a red case.
VAKS-Stock Agency/Shutterstock.com

AirPods already come to you in their own protective case, but because their pre-established protection acts as their own charger, you’re going to want to protect that too. If you’re looking to further your big-ticket valuable’s safety, then here are a few AirPod Pro cover cases you ought to check out.

Buying Guide for AirPod Pro Cases

An AirPod Pro case opens to show one AirPod inside and one outside.

Why buy an AirPod case?

A little extra protection doesn’t hurt because you want to be prepared if you leave your AirPods too close to an extra curious and chomping puppy or your toddler with a cup of juice. Each AirPod Pro case cover adds an extra level of protection to your device, but some ensure that through sturdier means. Some AirPod Pro case covers can even dress up your daily wardrobe, so accessorize away.

What should you look for in an AirPod case?

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Protection: First and foremost, you want your AirPod case cover to protect its contents, so seek out options that understand how to do more than put on a show. You want real, durable protection across every inch of the device.
  • Convenience: It’s also important to maintain some sense of convenience while in use. You want the most durable case cover for your buds, but the case may cease to function appropriately if you’ve tacked on an extra half-inch of material. The right case cover should grant you simplicity so that you can carry it around with ease.
  • Singularity: Finally, it’s crucial that you take some time to consider a choice that reflects the style and personality you embody. Not in the mood to stand out? That’s okay. There are plenty of solid color options that complement without feeling overbearing. Looking for fun? Then chase it. You should invest in a case slip that’s unabashedly you.

Can you buy a leather AirPod Pro case cover?

Yes. If you’re strictly looking to make an accessory out of your case, then a leather case cover is a great way to dress it up. They’re soft, well-crafted, visually appealing add-ons that will make you happy and nab a few praises from friends along the way. However, leaning all the way into a trendy look can definitely lead to problems later on. A genuine leather case cover will require genuine upkeep, as the scuffs, warm weather, and rainy days you’re likely to put it through will eventually tear the material apart if left uncared for.

Our Picks for the Best AirPod Pro Cases

Best Overall

BRG Soft Silicone Case Cover

This case cover is constructed from a tough yet supple silicone material that looks fun while preventing damage.

Pros: Combining strength with a splash of color, this case cover provides great protection and convenience without breaking the bank. The thick silicone material defends against moderate drops, accidental bumps, and scratches that often result from daily use. Perhaps the most alluring strong suit here is the 35 different shades of silicone available, with each possessing wired and wireless charging, an LED indicator, and a carabiner that allows you to easily attach the case to your bag.

Cons: It’s your standard choice through and through, and that doesn’t always translate to much interest at times. Yes, the product listing offers plenty of different color variations to choose from, but there isn’t a standout factor that truly distinguishes this choice. Additionally, select users have reported the case cover may not hold up well over time, as the piece of rubber that protects the top of the case can often lose its grip.

Bottom Line: For the no-frills budget-buyer who seeks efficiency at the right cost, you won’t find a better value than this option right here. From its 35 shades to its uncommonly inexpensive price tag, this cover offers the kind of help that you don’t have to think twice about spending on.


Most Stylish

i-Blason Cosmo Series Case

A gorgeous collection of kaleidoscopic case covers that make a grand statement while protecting your AirPods.

Pros: This case cover knows how to add plenty of flair to your traveling set of earbuds with its intricate geometric pattern and accompanying array of colors. It’s available in six kaleidoscopic colors, from lovable oddities like amethyst and marble to familiar favorites like black and ocean blue. In terms of safeguarding itself, the case features impact-resistant TPU construction across its body, while the top cover utilizes adhesive strips to keep your pods in the case when not in use. Its polyurethane wrist strap also provides extra security while maintaining a fashionable edge.

Cons: The most glaring flaw in this case’s design is aimed at one of its upsides, so you take the good with the bad. If unattached to your wrist or bag, its exposed lanyard will run the risk of hooking onto another object. On top of that, some users have reported that the strap isn’t designed in the same vein as the overall cover, so while it bears the same pattern, it doesn’t feel as luxurious. The case doesn’t work with all types of wireless chargers, so it must be taken off during the charging process.

Bottom Line: Here’s a bold and fashion-forward choice that does as much for your AirPod Pros as it does for your sense of style. If you’re looking for a case cover that isn’t afraid to stand out, then this option has you covered.


Most Durable

Spigen Tough Armor for AirPods Pro Case

A rock-solid choice for providing the utmost safety for your AirPod Pro case.

Pros: Have you been a bit too careless with your AirPods? Are you looking for 360 degrees of protection from your butterfingers? This AirPods Pro case is one lean, mean, hard-wearing piece of machinery for your AirPods’ defense. You aren’t simply sliding your case into a plastic slip here. This option handles daily impacts by way of an air cushion design that absorbs and disperses the initial shock to prevent cracking in a single spot. Despite its thick rubber exterior, the case cover still allows for rapid wireless charging.

Cons: The case’s improved durability is brought on by the inclusion of more rubber material, and that can often spell trouble for those who like to carry their AirPods in their pockets. Select users have reported that the rubber material utilized here is prone to collecting various forms of lint, making it hard to keep clean. Additional users have also reported that the device’s carabiner is a bit more flimsy than expected.

Bottom Line: The ideal choice for the traveling music lover who is known to stray down the beaten path every now and again. This case slip is as tough as they come, granting you peace of mind and the chance to stop gasping whenever you mistakenly drop your AirPods.


Best Food-Themed Choice

elago Ice Cream AirPods Pro Case

A playful silicone case cover that doesn't take itself too seriously while protecting your earbuds.

Pros: In the market for a humorous choice that protects while putting a smile on your face every time you flip it open? This AirPod Pro Case isn’t another paint-by-number choice; it’s a premium silicone crafted ice cream bar, multicolor sprinkles, and all. Yes, you read that correctly, and it’s too hilarious to pass up. It’s available in five flavors (colors), including strawberry, mint, and chocolate. Because of its soft silicone construction, this case slip comes off with little ease compared to slips made from rigid plastic or rubber material.

Cons: This case cover’s most irksome flaws are found within the design itself, so it isn’t all frosting and sprinkles here. Most noticeably, the case is engulfed in a thick layer of silicone. While that’s great for protection, it also rules out comfort if you stick this in your pants pocket. Its cute visual quirks, like the tacked-on sprinkles and rubber handle, just create more opportunity for breakage. The included keyring doesn’t clasp tightly enough to hang freely from a lanyard, nor is there a cutout in the design where users can tell if their AirPods are charging.

Bottom Line: This case provides optimal protection with its thick silicone borders while offering you and yours a well-earned laugh every now and again, as the real joy is found in the visual embellishments here.


Stunning Floral Design

Case-Mate Rifle Paper Co. Case

A stylistically bold choice for the kind of person who loves flowers.

Pros: Standard in terms of protection and use, but far from the norm on its surface, this case offers users one of the more stylistically daring graphic patterns. Featured here are 13 floral designs of varying artistic intensity, from hyperrealistic sunflowers to blossoming roses and petals on top of a matte black surface. The case cover itself is crafted to prevent varying degrees of impact across all 360 degrees of its frame. The cover also includes a traditional carabiner shackle for easy transportation and compatibility with lightning cables and wireless charging.

Cons: Unlike the comfort and internal durability of covers that are made from soft rubber and silicone, this case slip is crafted entirely from hardshell plastic. While the outside is built to handle the pressure, the inside forgoes a buffer between the impact and the case, allowing for potential damage over time. Additionally, the charging slot at the bottom of the slip does not feature a dust cover, leaving a vital portion of the device susceptible to problems for the duration of its use.

Bottom Line: This AirPod Pro case cover is practical and pretty. It’s the ideal choice for the art-loving, nature-appreciating folks who would prefer the sight of greenery wherever they go.


Best Waterproof Case

Pros: With its super sealed covers and highly reinforced material construction, this case cover for AirPod Pros is impervious to everyday dangers and then some. To ensure maximum output of its waterproof and shockproof features, this case layers two pieces of silicone material over each other with a lock to ensure water stays out. It’s compatible with wired and wireless charging, and it comes with a carabiner to clip your AirPods onto your backpack, belt loop, or keychain for easy portability.

Cons: Though slight, users may take potential issue with this device’s two-step closing mechanism. The top cap of the cover does not stick to the top cap of the case when open, so it’s imperative that you close both when near bodies of water to maintain its waterproof ability. Some users have even reported that this device is almost too secure, to the point of struggling to open the cap. Like other options that promote rigid durability, the case slip’s bulky frame can also get in the way at times.

Bottom Line: It’s as if humans are preprogrammed to lose their valuable electronics the moment they see a nearby body of water. Thankfully, this case cover understands our long-running butterfingers’ burden. If you have a tumultuous history with AirPods and water, give this option a chance.


Best Leather

V-MORO Genuine Leather Case

Feel sophisticated with this leather case for your AirPods.

Pros: If you want to dress up your AirPods case, here’s a sleek leather option. The premium leather cover will protect the case underneath from scratches and daily wear. It comes in six color options, so you’ll be able to pick the look that best reflects your vibe. This unique option also allows for wired and wireless charging without removing the case.

Cons: While it looks pretty, it’s definitely not the most protective option. It won’t last as long as the more durable silicone or plastic options. If you’re constantly dropping your AirPods case, you might want to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: Though it’s not the most durable case cover, this genuine leather number will stand out for its design and still protect against daily scratches. If you love the sophistication of leather, this is the case for you!

Final Thoughts

Your AirPod Pro earbuds cost too much money for you to lose them to another high fall or spilled coffee incident, so it’s crucial that you provide your Pods with the appropriate security. When you invest in that extra step, you’ll get a safer, more stylish form of protection for your tunes.

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