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The Most Unique Bubble Machines for Outdoor Play

A young girl wearing a pink tulle dress is blowing bubbles from a bubble device in a park.
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The sight of bubbles taking to the sky can fill anyone’s heart, whether they are 5 or 55 years old. Their soft iridescent glow is hard to ignore whether they escape from the top of a dish soap bottle or float away from a neighboring family’s backyard. If you are looking for a way to spend quality time outdoors, here are a few bubble machine recommendations that we think you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Child’s New Bubble Machine

When looking for the perfect bubble machine, consider these factors while shopping:

  • Bubble Power: Just about every bubble machine you will come across is powered via battery operation, so they are capable of releasing a steady flow of bubbles over time. However, there are also manual bubble blowers that are powered by the speed a child can pull down a trigger. This type of toy incentivizes a child to play and move around more because the faster they go, the more they get to pop.
  • Exterior Appeal: It’s also important to seek out options that adhere to a certain type of style. For young children, you will want to consider plastic machines that are modeled in the image of lovable animals or sci-fi blasters of the future. However, other options, while not as cute, can feature a harder exterior that’s built to withstand the constant liquid spills and outdoor environment.
  • Safety: It’s imperative that your toddler’s next bubble machine accommodates their health at all times. Make sure your toy is crafted from non-toxic materials that are up to the task of daily play and incorporates anti-pinch, soft materials throughout its construction.

Highest Bubble Output: Hamdol Bubble Machine

A white, cylindrically-shaped bubble machine with a large overhead handle and six-wand design.

The latest and greatest model from the Hamdol line, this bubble machine is the safe, durable, and bubble-blowing option of the future. It’s an electronically-powered automatic bubble blower with an upgraded motor that doesn’t just blow more bubbles than its competition but also pumps them out with more consistency and size. The device creates up to 4,500 bubbles per minute when set to the Speed Up option.

Best Accessory Functions: Hamdol Octopus Auto Bubble Maker

A yellow, blue, and orange octopus device blowing bubble with colorful notes around the two side speakers.

Combining a child’s love of high-flying bubbles, dancing, and animals, this Hamdol Octopus Bubble Maker knows how to put on a grand show. Like other models in the Hamdol line, this option is capable of producing a steady stream of colorful bubbles, producing upwards of 3,000 every minute. This strong bubble output is packaged in an adorable octopus design that plays a variety of animated tunes with just a single push of its one-button operating system.

Best Handheld Device: WisToyz Bubble Machine

A blue and orange bubble gun blowing one large bubble with two bottles of bubble solution and a four-ring wand displayed beneath it.

A 2-in-1 option that kids will love creating their own fun with, this WisToyz Bubble Machine packs do-it-yourself excitement in the shape of a colorful bubble blaster. It features a respectable bubble output between the two bubble wand faces, producing roughly 800 per minute. While one face creates a single large bubble, the other is designed with four smaller holes to produce multiple bubbles at a time. Just behind the wand face is an internal fan crafted from soft sponge rotor blades that won’t cause harm if anyone gets too curious.

Best for Pretend Time: Duckura Bubble Leaf Blowers for Kids

A 14-inch device modeled in the image of a leaf blower sits just about three complimentary bottles of bubble solution.

A child’s ideal choice for life-like role-playing while their parents tend to the garden, this Duckura Bubble Leaf Blower blows iridescent orbs of air around like fallen leaves on the backyard porch. It features a five-wand spinning design that starts producing bubbles 10 to 20 seconds after pulling down the trigger. This option is also immensely kid-friendly, containing no sharp corners, angles, or edges that may harm a child.

Best Portable Device: Theefun Bubble Machine

A steel, black octagon-shaped bubble machine emitting bubbles with a person holding a small black remote.

Another seemingly modern choice that’s less fixated on the cute factor than its propensity for creating rushing waves of bubbles, this Theefun Bubble Machine is portable, wirelessly operated, and is easily manageable for every type of user. It features a multi-wand design set to one speed for the best, most consistent results. The device’s remote control operation is simple, consisting of no more than two buttons on its interface and capable of sending a signal up to 33 feet away from the machine.

Best Portable Device

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