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The Squishies Sets Your Child Will Go Wild For

Squishies are the latest and greatest toy craze that’s sweeping across the nation. As the name suggests, squishies are brightly colored toys made of, you guessed it, squishy foam. They’re notable for their ability to be squashed down only to re-inflate to their original size and shape before your eyes, no matter how tightly you’ve squeezed it. This makes them incredibly satisfying to touch and play with. Because of their fun texture, some companies are marketing these vibrant colored toys as the next fidget spinners, things that children can play with to help with stress and anxiety or to increase their focus. They come in a seemingly never-ending variety of sizes and shapes, from keychain-sized to the size of a stuffed animal, from ice cream cone shapes to panda shapes and beyond. Some food-themed squishies are scented to match their respective shape. Others are translucent or glittery. There are even personalized options like kits that allow kids to design their own squishies. Thanks to their unending variety, squishies are highly collectible and relatively inexpensive, making them a favorite for kids and parents alike.

What to Consider in Squishies

Here’s what you’ll want to think about before you buy:

  • Quantity: Squishies can come as a single toy and in sets as low as five or as many as several dozen at once. Generally, larger squishies are the ones sold alone, though they come in sets as well, and the smaller ones are sold in larger packs. Consider how many children you’re buying for and whether they’re collectors or not before deciding the number of squishies you’re going to buy.
  • Type: There are so many types of squishies on the market that it can be hard to narrow down which ones to purchase. Most are food or animal-shaped, so you can find sets that are a mixture of these two themes or are composed solely of one or the other. Most are solid and opaque, but you can find ones that are see-through, more gel-like in appearance, and glittery. There are also kits comprised of plain squishies and paints so your child can decorate their own unique squishies however they like. Picking one of these options can help narrow your search down quite a bit.
  • Size: Squishies can be as large as stuffed animals, small enough to fit in the palm of a child’s hand or hang on a keychain, or in between, though the former two are most common. The smaller ones tend to be the more collectible ones, which may be of more interest to slightly older children. Younger ones may prefer a larger squishy or squishies they can grab easier, hug, and carry around in their arms like a stuffed animal. It’s also advisable not to give too small of squishies to very young children in order to avoid choking hazards.

Best Variety: WATINC 70 Piece Squishies

Sometimes you’re looking to buy squishies and need to buy them in bulk. Maybe you have a large family. Maybe you’re hosting a birthday bash for your child and looking for party favors. Maybe you’re helping arrange a fundraiser, school event, or festival and need a large number of prizes. Whatever your reasons for buying in bulk, this set of 70 should definitely cover all your needs. Most of these squishies are considered miniatures, ranging from 1.5 to just under 5 inches, though you’re guaranteed at least one jumbo one too. The shape, color, and expression of all the squishies you’ll receive are completely random. Regardless of which specific squishies come in your order, each toy is made of environmentally friendly, non-polluting foam that is nice and soft with a pillowy texture and is completely non-toxic. Playing with them can help with circulation in the hands and soothe stress and anxiety, making these toys a great option for kids with ADHD or autism. On the off chance you don’t find the squishies’ smell appealing, leave them in a well-ventilated spot for a few days to get rid of it. Appropriate for ages 3 and up, these squishies make great gifts.

Best Animal-Themed Set: ORWINE Glitter Animal Squishies

A lot of sets of squishies are assorted and random, so you never know precisely which shapes you’ll be receiving. While the shapes of this 28 piece set are random, every single squishy will be animal-shaped, so you have a somewhat better idea of what you’re getting. Whether you get seals and elephants, octopi and unicorns, pigs and birds, or another assortment, every mochi squishy is cute, colorful, slightly transparent, and glittery. They’re sized from 1.5 to 2 inches and are made of non-toxic TPR, which means they’re completely safe for your kids to play with. Besides serving as cute collectibles or fun, stretchy toys, these squishies can help with blood flow in the hands when squeezed, and they can reduce anxiety and increase focus in kids and adults alike. Some people with bad habits find them useful too, as squeezing a squishy can substitute for finger and hand-based habits like knuckle cracking and nail biting. Unlike some models, these squishies are washable with detergent and air-drying afterward. Sprinkling them with baby powder can increase their durability. If they ever become crumpled out of shape somehow, put them in warm water and rinse after a few minutes to restore them. Buy them as birthday presents, stocking stuffers, preschool classroom toys or teaching aids, piñata fillers, and more.

Best Food-Themed Set: SYYISA Slow Rising Jumbo Squishies

Unlike a lot of similar sets, with these jumbo, food-themed squishies, you know exactly what you’re getting. While the exact colors of several of the squishies are chosen randomly, you’ll always get a set with brightly colored food-shaped toys, a slice of cake, a frappuccino, a bag of popcorn, two donuts, and two ice cream cones. Each squishy is made of durable, non-toxic foam that is as lightweight as it is soft. They’re jumbo-sized, ranging from 4 to 7 inches long, and several are scented. Every squishy in this set is classified as extra slow rising, taking 10 to 15 seconds to inflate back to shape after being squashed or squeezed. They can double as a fun toy or a simple yet efficient way to manage stress and anxiety—or both!

Best Food-Themed Set

Best Make-Your-Own Kit: Dab and Dot Markers Paint Your Own Squishies

Buy your child a fun home craft and four squishy toys with this fun make-your-own squishies kit. Your child will get four large squishies, a unicorn, a unicorn and moon combo, a narwhal, and a rainbow. You won’t have to buy any extra supplies either, as this kit also comes with two quality paintbrushes, four large bottles of fabric paint in white, berry red, blue, and yellow, three bottles of glitter in pink, gold, and silver, and easy to follow instructions. The instructions have a “plan your design” section if your kid wants to sketch out their design and see how their designed color combo looks ahead of time. An optional color guide comes as well, so your child has a blueprint if they want it, or they can customize; the choice is theirs. The brightly colored paint is made of premium material so it will stay in place and not peel or chip after application. The squishies themselves are built to last for hours upon hours of play, and are non-toxic, scented, and slow rising. Dessert and fiesta kits with alternate squishies shapes are also available for purchase. It makes for a great craft for playdates, sleepovers, and birthday parties.

Best Make-Your-Own Kit
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