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The Top Agility Ladders for Increasing Your Foot Speed

No matter what sport you are training for or where you do it, agility ladders offer a fun and unique way to improve foot speed and coordination. There are tons of exercises you can perform once you simply roll out the ladders. Get your feet moving with one of our top picks!

What to Look for in an Agility Ladder

Athletes training in different areas have different needs. Here are some things to consider when making a choice:

  • Extras: If you are used to using ladders, looking for ones that have add-ons such as cones parachutes to give you a more intense workout.
  • Length: Most ladders range between 6 and 32 feet, but it is important to make sure that you know what length you need to fit your available space.
  • Portability: Training in the cold months is best done indoors, while fresh air in warmer months can be great for your lungs. If you find a ladder that you can take along with you anywhere, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds.

Best Overall: Corintio Agility Ladder

Get your feet moving with this awesome agility ladder by Corintio. You have everything you need to get your training underway! This ladder is 20 feet long and has 12 pre-adjusted rungs for you to work on response time, explosiveness, balance, and coordination. The sturdy plastic rungs coupled with the light nylon band will endure any and all workouts you might have. It is tangle-resistant and sure to stay put with the added metal spikes.

This ladder also comes with 12 speed cones, a carrying bag, a two-sided training poster, and an eBook full of drills and exercises to help you get started.

Best With Training Kit: Big B Pro Sports Agility Training Set

Your speed and agility training is about to get a serious boost with this training set by Big B Pro Sports. This complete package comes with a carrying bag, a 20-foot agility ladder, 10 flexible speed cones, multiple levels of resistance bands, an awesome speed jump rope, and an adjustable parachute all in one kit. Everything you could need to boost your agility training is included! This ladder is made with sturdy plastic rungs that won’t move on you during a workout. The included parachute comes with a secure and adjustable belt that can be adjusted up to 42 inches and is a superior rip-resistant design.

You can create some vicious circuit workouts utilizing every piece of equipment in this bundle. This is sure to help you make the most out of your training sessions!

Best With Training Kit

Speed & Agility Training Set (Yellow) - Includes Agility Ladder, Football Cones, Running Parachute, Jump Rope & Resistance Bands

Get all the bells and whistles you could want with this classic ladder set that's ready for training.

Best Circular Ladder: Webby Agility Trainer

This choice is a switch up from the standard agility ladder. Webby has a circular ladder that changes the way you move! You can train your body to move more effectively, efficiently, and powerfully at all angles. You can set up this device in seconds, and it never bunches or changes shape, so you won’t waste time adjusting during your workouts. It folds down from a 6-foot circle to a nice and convenient 18 inches to be packed away. This is one of the most diverse ladders you can own!

Best Roll-Out Ladder: SPRI Agility Ladder

Check out this unique ladder made by SPRI. Most traditional ladders consist of plastic rungs and nylon straps. This ladder is made of heavy-duty, durable, nonskid recycled rubber. The rungs are painted on, so they won’t move! It is capable of quickly unrolling and rolling up to get you into your workout efficiently. This ladder is 15 feet long, with a ladder area measuring 16 inches by 12.5 inches. This would make a great addition at home or in the gym!

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