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The Top Dice Trays for Your Next Game Night

If you’re a big fan of tabletop games or board games that involve rolling lots of dice, you may want to consider investing in a dice tray, also known as a dice rolling tray. Think of all the times you’ve played and accidentally rolled the die or dice off the table a little too enthusiastically or harder and faster than intended. At some point, we’ve all sent a die or dice flying onto the floor, gotten them stuck under a piece of furniture, or scattered the cards or other game pieces or components by mistake. A dice tray is a great way to contain those sorts of errant throws thanks to raised sides, a fabric surface to provide traction, or both. They’re also a good option if you have limited space to play on and store your dice and other gaming components. Some are more or less like a smaller, personal version of a casino’s craps table. Never again will you have to worry about losing your dice, being forced to re-roll because you sent them skittering off the edge of the table by mistake, or getting into arguments about an errant roll with friends.

What to Consider in a Dice Tray

Here’s what you’ll want to look into:

  • Size: How big do you want your dice tray to be, and how much space do you need to roll your dice on? Most dice trays will be at least 9 inches long. There are larger options, though they tend to not exceed more than 15 or 16 inches or so. The width and height will be dependent on the make, model, and shape of the dice tray. Consider how much gaming space you have, and be sure to check a dice tray’s dimensions before you buy it.
  • Type: Do you want a dice tray with raised sides or a flat, mat-like model? A tray with raised sides is generally the more reliable method for keeping the dice contained inside, thanks to the more solid edges. Mat-like trays have the advantage of being lighter and easier to transport and store because they can be rolled up tightly. Consider which factor is more important to you and your gaming needs.
  • Material: Consider if you want a hard or soft surface to roll your dice on inside your dice tray. If you play with metal dice or dice with sharper corners, a dice tray with a surface made of something softer like rubber, velvet, or other fabrics will help prevent damage to your tray and any surfaces you might’ve previously played on. They’re also a great way to reduce the noise caused by rolling dice. A fabric surface will generally offer a wider range of colors and designs for your dice tray. Alternatively, if you enjoy the sound of clattering, clacking dice, or don’t like the aesthetic of a fabric surface, you may prefer a dice tray with a wooden or resin surface instead.

Best Value: SIQUK 4 Piece Hexagon Leather Dice Tray

With this purchase, you’ll receive not just one but four hexagon-shaped dice trays in four different colors: Violet, coffee brown, green, and red on the inside with brown or black on the outside. Each tray is comprised of a simple-to-clean PU leather exterior and colored velvet interior, sewn and held together by expert stitching. The velvet is soft yet strong, protecting the tray from scratches by sharp-edged or hard metal dice. All four trays have two metal snaps at each of the six corners, so you can snap the corners together to use and unsnap to collapse them easily. All the trays are 11 by 10 inches and fold down even narrower, so they’re convenient to transport to a friend’s house or tournament. When not in use for a dice game, these trays can be used as a dish to hold keys or spare change.

Best for Compact Storage: Forged Dice Co. Scroll Dice Tray and Rolling Mat

If portability and compact storage are the main features you’re looking for in a dice tray, this PU leather roll-up mat is an excellent choice. While it doesn’t have the raised sides of more conventional trays, the soft velvet-like interior fabric provides enough traction to keep your rolls quiet and your dice from scattering all over the table. When unrolled, it measures in at 13.5 inches long and 10 inches wide, and at 10 inches long by under 2 inches wide when rolled shut. This narrow width means it can easily fit inside a shoulder bag or be carried in one hand. Even better, there’s a zipper closure section in the body that can hold up to 14 dice of various shapes at a time, so you don’t have to worry about losing your dice during transportation or storage either. The tray snaps shut when rolled up for extra security, and the PU leather exterior is available in eight different colors.

Best Design: Easy Roller Dice Co. Dice Tray with Lid

If you’re in the market for a dice tray with a cool and uncommon design, this is eight-sided dice tray with its unique raven-decorated lid should be right up your alley. Besides the outer rim of the tray itself, there is a second set of raised edges inside to create a raised dice staging area and extra secure containment of your dice when rolled. The dice staging area is about 8 by 8 inches, while the entire tray is just shy of 10 inches by 10 inches. The inner surface is velvet to protect both your dice and table from accidental scratches, while the exterior is rigid and made from quality faux leather for added stability and a quality feel and finish. Thanks to the lid, this tray is also a great place to store your dice when you’re not using them.

Best Design

Vicien 8 Inch Dice Tray with Lid and Dice Staging Area - Raven Design

An eight-sided dice tray with a raised rolling area and unique design on the lid.

Best Double-Sided: Forged Dice Co. Double-Sided Dice Tray

Here’s a rectangular dice tray that has a handy reversible Neoprene dice rolling mat that gives you two stylistic options while playing and reduces the noise of rolling dice. The mat can be removed and used as a mat for other games as well. The tray itself is made of durable molded plastic in order to last you for years to come. The interior measures in at just over 14 inches long and just under 8 inches wide to give you plenty of space to roll your dice on every throw without taking up too much table space. Since the tray comes with a lid, it doubles as a storage box for your dice and other gaming pieces and accessories. And because it’s about 2 inches tall when lidded, it’s easy to find places around your house or apartment to store it. Though the tray itself is the same color, you have a choice of nine different colors for the design on the mat and the lid’s interior.

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