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The Top Discs to Up Your Disc Golf Game

Disc golf is a fun alternative to the standard golf game. It is typically free to play, challenging, and quicker than standard golf. To make the most of your games, you need specialized weighted discs to help you control your throws. Here are some awesome picks to help you get started or to up your disc golf game!

What to Look for in a Disc

If you are just getting started with disc golf, it can be kind of daunting seeing the myriad of different disc options out there. Here are some things to consider when shopping:

  • Intended Use: Much like standard golf clubs, some discs are better suited for different types of play or different shots. Drivers will cover lots of distance; putters are for the short game.
  • Weight: In order to meet PDGA technical standards, a disc must not exceed 200 grams. Most discs weigh between 160 and 180 grams. Lighter discs take less effort to throw, and heavy discs aren’t affected by the wind as much.
  • Colors: Style plays a part in your choice, too! Find something that looks great as it’s flying and that’s easier to spot if it’s far away.

Best Putter: Dynamic Discs Judge

Dubbed the 2013 Disc of the Year by the Player’s Choice Awards, Judge by Dynamic Disc is our choice of putter. It was given this award for being incredibly predictable in its flight. It has a rating of 2 for speed, 4 for glide, 0 for turn, and 1 for fade, with a weight of 170+ grams. It has enough stability to fight off the wind while maintaining a straight and true flight. It has a great feel and grip with an awesome array of colors. Get a set of five in this purchase.

Best Distance Driver: MVP Tesla

The Tesla by MVP is the way to go for long-range accuracy. It has a workable turn resistance and is a stable option for backhand or sidearm throwers. It has a rating of 9 for speed, 5 for glide, -1 for turn, and 2 for fade, with weight options of either 155-160 or 170-175 grams. This PDGA approved disc is made with premium materials to maximize looks and performance. You can ensure that your throw will have a reliable fade, subtle turn, and a nice pronounced glide and forward finish for extra distance on those long shots.

Best Distance Driver

Best Starter Set: Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set

Are you just starting your disc golf journey? Check out this Prime Burst set by Dynamic Discs! This five-disc set is specifically designed for new players, with five different regular-sized discs with throw weights between 170-180 grams. You can jump right into gameplay with reliable approaches, strong putts, and long drives on the fairway. Included in this set are the Maverick (fairway driver), Trespass (max distance driver), Escape (fairway driver), Truth (midrange), and Judge (putter). You can even see the ratings for speed, glide, turn, and fade directly on the discs, which is ideal for beginners learning how to choose the best disc for each circumstance.

Best Advanced Set: Innova Champion Disc Golf Set

This set by Innova is the perfect choice for experienced throwers looking to level up their overall game. It includes a driver, midrange, and putter. They are lighter at 150 grams for faster speed throws. Built to last, the Champion Disc Set is made with extremely durable plastics to ensure you will have awesome games for many years to come. You can even use them for professional games since they are approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association.

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