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The Best Dish Towels

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Dish towels are kitchen essentials. If your dish towels could use a refresh, check out these high-quality ones that will make dish duty a more pleasant experience.

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  Best for Drying Best for Washing Best Value Most Durable Also Great
Classic Kitchen Towels
Kitchen Dish Cloth Towels
Kitchen Dishcloths
Hyer Kitchen
Microfiber Dish Towels
Utopia Towels
Kitchen Towels
Our SummaryA 15-pack of 100% natural cotton dish towels that are built to last.A pack of 12 velvet dish towels that are ultra-absorbent and dry quickly.High-quality coral fleece dishcloths with high absorption, scrubbing power, and odor resistance.An eight-pack of generously sized microfiber dish towels that are plush and functional.A set of 12 natural, durable cotton towels for one reasonable price.
Pros15-pack, 100% natural cotton, herringbone pattern, non-scratch, lightweight, washer and dryer safe.12-pack, coral velvet, multi-functional, absorbent, quick-drying, lightweight, machine washable.24-pack, coral fleece, highly absorbent, can function as a sponge replacement, lightweight, durable.Eight-pack, microfiber, super absorbent, generously sized, machine washable, plush.12-pack, 100% ring-spun cotton, free of chemicals and synthetic materials, machine washable.
ConsSmaller size.Not ideal for drying, small.Need regular washing.May leave lint behind.Requires careful washing.
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The Best Dish Towels

Woman wiping dishware with cotton towel in kitchen
Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Dish Towels

Kitchen towels and dishes on a wooden table in the background of the window. Studio KIWI/Shutterstock.com

Why buy dish towels?

Dish towels are typically more absorbent than other types of kitchen towels since they’re meant specifically for drying and cleaning dishes. Since you should wash your dish towels and switch them in and out often, you’ll want to stock up on them. They’re kitchen staples—essential for hand washing your dishes.

What should you consider in a dish towel?

  • Design: Dish towels can serve a decorative function as well as a practical one, depending on where you keep them. They’re available in many colors, designs, and patterns. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a set of towels that perfectly matches your kitchen’s style. Since dish towels should be rotated often, you can buy all identical towels or towels in various colors and designs to mix things up. Some people even like to buy different patterns to match the changing of seasons or holidays.
  • Quantity: Buying in a set will be both more cost-efficient and more convenient. Sets of two to six dish towels are generally the most standard options, though sets of a dozen are not uncommon.

What’s the best fabric for dish towels?

There are several types of textiles that dish towels are commonly made from, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Linen, terrycloth, cotton, and microfiber are the main choices. Linen dries quickly, won’t leave debris behind, and can be used to polish glassware, but it’s often on the thinner side and won’t absorb moisture quite as well. Terrycloth is super absorbent and is thus great for big messes or dripping wet dishware, but it will take longer to dry. Cotton is durable, heat tolerant, and very absorbent, but it may leave some small traces of lint behind. Microfiber is plush, thick, absorbent, and quick to dry, but it may become damaged if you use it on piping hot dishware. You’ll also want to ensure that your dish towels are machine washable and dryable since they’ll need to be cleaned often.

Our Picks for the Best Dish Towels

Best for Drying

Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels

A 15-pack of 100% natural cotton dish towels that are built to last and ultra-absorbent.

Pros: This 15-pack of 100% natural cotton dish towels is built to last with strong, durable fibers that won’t scratch utensils, fine silverware, plates, or pans. Each towel has a unique herringbone weave and absorbs fluids quickly. These towels are a great choice because they’re lightweight, absorbent, fast-drying, and can be machine washed and dried.

Cons: They’re smaller than many other towels.

Bottom Line: This towel pack is a great bang for your buck. They’ll last a long time and fold up neatly in your drawer until you’re ready to dry off some dishes.


Best for Washing

kimteny Kitchen Cloth Dish Towels

A pack of 12 velvet dish towels that are ultra-absorbent and dry quickly.

Pros: This 12-pack of velvet dish towels will fulfill all your household needs as they are lightweight, super absorbent, and quick to dry. The towels are lint-free and can be both hand or machine washed. They’re ideal for scrubbing dishes gently but effectively. They’ll resist shrinking, and because they’re absorbent, they function well as dusting cloths, too.

Cons: They aren’t ideal for drying dishes since they’re so small.

Bottom Line: These dish towels are multipurpose and great to have around the house for all sorts of household chores. They shine as scrubbing cloths and dusting cloths.


Best Value

sunnyzzZZZ Kitchen Dishcloths

High-quality coral fleece dishcloths with high absorption, scrubbing power, and odor resistance.

Pros: This 24-pack of coral fleece dish towels is a great value for those who go through lots of towels. Each dishcloth has a looped outer weave which gives them high absorption and scrubbing power. The tight under-weave supports the integrity of the fabric, adding to its strength and durability.

Cons: These dishcloths are easy to clean but will need to be washed regularly to keep them smelling fresh.

Bottom Line: These dish towels fit comfortably in your hand and are great sponge replacements. They last longer than cotton dish rags, are tough on dirt, and are a great bang for your buck.


Most Durable

HYER Kitchen Microfiber Dish Towels

An eight-pack of generously sized microfiber dish towels that are plush and functional.

Pros: This eight-pack of microfiber dish towels can absorb six times more water than other models. They’re generously sized at 26 by 18 inches and are great to use in the kitchen. The towels won’t shrink or fade in the washing machine, even after lots of washes. These towels are superior-quality, luxuriously soft, thick, and plush.

Cons: These towels are better for drying dishes rather than hands. They can leave lint behind.

Bottom Line: The absorbency of these towels will increase with each wash, making them a long-lasting choice. Plus, their checkerboard fabric pattern is fun and will match most kitchen aesthetics.


Pros: This pack of 12 cotton towels ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity. Each towel in this set measures 15 by 25 inches and is made of 100% ring-spun cotton. The cotton is all-natural and free of chemicals and synthetic materials, ensuring they’re safe to use on dishes, cups, cutlery, serving utensils, countertops, and hands. You have six colors to choose from to go with your kitchen. They’re machine washable in warm water with a mild detergent and dryer safe at a low temperature.

Cons: These towels should not be bleached, washed with fabric softener, or ironed. They also should be washed separately from other textiles to minimize lint.

Bottom Line: Since it’s important to rotate dish towels in and out with regularity, you may wish to save yourself time and money by investing in a large set like this quality one. These towels work well for drying dishes as well as hands.

Final Thoughts

Adding a rotation of dish towels to your home is a great way to be more mindful of the environment and use fewer paper towels. Having a towel within a hand’s reach will make cleaning up after mealtime a lot more convenient

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