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The Top Football Pants for the Field

Football is obviously a very physical sport with the potential for high-impact collisions. Football pants, often referred to as girdles, are extremely important for protecting the player. A common impact zone for a tackle on the field is the lower torso and hip. The right pair of football pants is crucial to play a confident game. Here are some of the best ones you can buy.

What to Look for in Football Pants

Football pants are a must-have, but there are some differences between the options. Here are some things to consider when making a choice:

  • Front Fastening: Most football pants have a belted system in order to keep them up. There are other methods that go along with this system, such as lace-up, buttons, or some sort of spandex for more comfort.
  • Pad Removability: If the pads are sewn directly into the pant, it will be simpler to wash. However, removable pads will allow you to adjust the placement a little better should they shift, and it’ll make cleaning more thorough.
  • Team Style: A team is sure to perform better as a cohesive unit. Having the right colors can be the first step towards an awesome game!

Best for Youth: Russell Football Pants

Your young football player will be safe and comfortable in these pants by Russell. The standard seven-piece pads are constructed with a performance cloth and are sewn directly into the pant so that there are no issues with game-day quality and performance. They are made of nylon- and spandex-blended fabric for a tighter fit. They also have ventilated hip and tail pads for comfort with reinforced thigh and contoured knee pads for added protection. Cleaning will be a breeze, as you can go from the field to washing without the hassle of losing any of the pads.

Best for Youth

Russell Athletic Youth Integrated 7 Piece Pad Football Pant

Your young footballer will love these pants.

Best Value: Sports Unlimited Double-Knit Football Pants

These pants by Sports Unlimited have everything you could need without breaking the bank. They are made from durable double-knit polyester that will move with you and hold up to the rigorous demands of practice and play. There are seven integrated pads with coverage in the thighs, knees, hips, and tailbone. The semi-rigid pads help to absorb impact from tacklers and from the ground. They come in an array of sizes and in a few different colors as well!

Best Value

Sports Unlimited Double Knit Adult Integrated Football Pants Black

Feel good on the field without spending all your cash!

Best Color Options: Cramer Football Pants

Cramer offers football pants that are sure to match your team’s style with their different color options. A cohesive team functions better on the field! These pants feature perforated closed-cell EVA foam hip, tail, thigh, and knee pads sewn with a mesh cover. The high-impact plastic interior will keep your legs safe from tackles, while the high-rise hip padding helps protect the iliac crest from hip pointers. The lace-up fly front will keep them from slipping in-game along with the tunnel belt.

Best Premium: Under Armour Integrated Football Pants

Sport some football pants like the pros. Under Armour is widely used by colleges and professional football teams. These pants are ultra-protective with enhanced HEX padding. This type of padding provides stable pressure across the waist, thighs, hamstrings, and groin. Having this pressure is crucial in order to provide protection from sprains, strains, dislocations, muscle spasms, and more.

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