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The Top Kayak Paddles for Your Next Adventure

Kayaking is an awesome activity that is enjoyed by outdoorsy people all over. There are few things as serene and fun as hitting the water on a beautiful day. You’ll enjoy an intimate connection to mother nature while remaining active. To make the most of your time on the water, you’ll need a high-quality paddle. We have picked the best choices so that you don’t have to!

What to Look for in Kayak Paddle

Here are some things to consider when making a choice:

  • Size: The average adult-sized paddle is 230 centimeters. If you are shorter or taller than average, you may be more comfortable with a different-sized paddle that’s proportional to your height.
  • Special Features: Most kayakers will not need anything special with their paddle; however, more advanced kayakers and fishers will want to find a paddle with things like adjustable angles, hook retrieval, and others.
  • Durability: Find a paddle made with quality and durable materials so that you can go on many kayaking adventures in the future.

Best Hand Paddle: Backwater Paddles Assault Hand Paddle

This paddle by Backwater Paddles can be used with one hand so that you can easily multitask while you are on the water. Use this paddle to keep moving while you reach for and grab your net and pull up your fish! The slim profile and lightweight design make storage and transport easy. It is made of strong, fade-resistant plastic. This paddle is extremely versatile and has many different features that are helpful while kayaking. The hook feature helps grab onto fishing lines and docks, and the serrated edge can be used to launch yourself off solid surfaces.

Best Hand Paddle

Backwater Paddles Assault Hand Paddle - Olive

This paddle is great for multitasking!

Best for Kids: Perception Kayaks Hi Five Kids Paddle

This paddle by Perception Kayaks is compatible with any kid’s kayak. It is perfect for smaller hands and is lighter weight to reduce fatigue. This paddle is 190 centimeters long versus the average 230-centimeter adult paddle. The smaller blade is better for easier strokes, and the small diameter shaft is better for gripping. It has a three-position push-button ferrule connection to enable the adjustment of the blade angles.

Most Color Options: OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle

This paddle by OCEANBROAD is sure to match your kayak and/or your personal style! This paddle is made with a high-quality aluminum alloy shaft and a reinforced fiberglass blade. The material ensures that the paddle is stiff and durable for many kayaking adventures. The shaft is covered with a shrinking PE tube cover to prevent blistering and to prevent the cold feeling from the alloy. It is 230 centimeters long and is detachable into two sections for easier storage and transport. All paddles come with a free bungee paddle leash to secure your paddle to your kayak.

Most Color Options

Best for Anglers: Pelican “The Catch” Kayak Paddle

Anglers are sure to love this paddle by the trusted brand, Pelican. It is fishing-ready with an integrated hook retrieval system and a tape measure along the shaft so that you can keep or toss the fish you catch right away. The drip rings are adjustable to keep your hands dry at any grip. The ovalization or indexing lets you know where you should be placing your hand for less wrist fatigue. It is made with impact-resistant fiberglass and reinforced nylon blades for awesome durability.

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