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The Top Lacrosse Gloves for Protection During Play

Lacrosse is tons of fun. Endless displays of action, coordination, and speed make the game a blast to watch and participate in. It can get rough, but the protective gear keeps all the players intact. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment is the gloves! They can protect you from slashes and wild passes, and help to maintain control over your stick. Check out our top picks to find what you are looking for.

What to Look for in Lacrosse Gloves

Finding the right gloves is important for safety and control during your game. Here’s what to consider when making a choice:

  • Intended Use: Attackers will want gloves that have greater control as they move around the field. Defenders will want more protection to stay safe during face-offs and protecting the goal. Find what is right for your position!
  • Grip: The palms of gloves can have different materials that offer different grip and therefore, different control levels. Nash is a standard material, but there are others available that you might want.
  • Protective Technologies: Extended cuffs, backhand coverage, and many more can be available to you. If you need more or less protection because you or your player is in a different league, make sure to check that it meets those standards.

Best Overall: WARRIOR Evo

The WARRIOR Evo gloves are the most well-rounded gloves on the market. They have as much premium technology as their Evo Pro model, but at a fraction of the price. They have a tighter fit for players who like to strap in and have ultimate control over the stick with awesome protection. They feature the BONE system across the back of the hand, which helps to protect the top of the wrist and hand up to the first knuckle. This awesome pair comes in a clean white or sleek black.

Best Overall

Warrior Evo Lacrosse Gloves

Everything you need to keep your hands and wrists safe.

Best for Youth: Epoch iD Jr.

The iD Jr. gloves by Epoch are the best for any young players starting out. These gloves are manufactured with the best raw materials and the latest processes. They consist of dual-density foam to ensure the appropriate protection for the U10 level. The extended cuff has just enough length to give plenty of protection while also being maneuverable with a great range of motion. The palm is reinforced for continual use and vented for airflow as well! Grab these for your young lacrosse enthusiasts!

Best for Youth

Best Color Options: Brine King Superlight 2

Match your team’s colors or your own personal style with the Brine King Superlight 2 gloves. These protective gloves not only have vibrant, fun colors, but they are also ultra-maneuverable and ready for play! The TruVents helps to keep air flowing to the back of the hand no matter how hot it is during the game. The textured Nash palm gives ultimate control of the stick. It features a floating cuff for a protective advantage during face-offs or while scooping ground balls.

Best Color Options

Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

Match your team and style with these awesome lacrosse gloves.

Best for Attack: STX Surgeon RZR

Aggressive attack players will love this glove by lacrosse mogul, STX. It is one of the lightest high-end gloves available without skimping on protection. The Second SKIN palm technology increases control and grip on the stick. The layered cuff design is great for protection and range of motion, while the Ax Suede palms have enhanced mesh vents to stay cool. With all of these features and more, STX even added a Guard Lock strap to secure your mouthguard when it’s not in use!

Best for Attack

STX Lacrosse Surgeon RZR Gloves, Large, White/Navy

Attackers on the field will love this well-designed pick.

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