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The Top Pedicure Chairs for Home Pampering

Pedicure chairs are a type of specialty seating designed and built with foot care and pampering in mind. This can include nail care, foot skin care, massages, soaking, and more. Though there are some variations out there, all pedicure chairs will have three main components: A place to sit, a container or bowl for washing feet, and a footrest that may or may not be extendable. As you’d expect, pedicure chairs are most commonly found in nail salons and spas. However, there’s nothing stopping you from buying one for your own personal use at home, provided you have the space for it. Pedicure chairs can give you a spot at home to conveniently paint your toenails or enjoy a foot soak or massage. Some are even built to resemble a typical armchair, so they can even double as a comfy place to sit when you’re not using them for spa-like treatments. If you want to buy a pedicure chair for your home or business, here are a few we recommend.

What to Consider in Pedicure Chairs

Here are a few things to think about before buying a pedicure chair:

  • Cost: Since home pedicure chairs are technically a luxury item, they do tend to run quite pricey. As a general rule, the more features, settings, and gadgets a pedicure chair contains, the more expensive it’ll be. That isn’t to say you can’t find more affordable models that will serve their intended tasks well, but they probably won’t be premium or have as many features. You’ll want to consider which factor, cost vs. multiple settings, is more important to you. You may also find it useful to set a budget or price range before you start shopping.
  • Foot Bath: One key component to look for in a home pedicure chair is whether it comes with a foot bath or sink built-in. Though foot massages and soaks are a key part of the salon pedicure experience, not all models come equipped with their own foot bath. You may need to provide one of your own. The ones that do come with footbaths often come equipped with jets that offer a relaxing foot massage and/or heated settings. You’ll also want to look for models with a removable foot bath or liners if possible, as these are much easier to clean.
  • Features: There are quite a few handy and/or pleasing features you can look for in a home pedicure chair. Some have extendable footrests or even footrests that can be tucked away to make them more compact. Other chairs will have conveniences like magazine racks, cup holders, and Bluetooth connectivity or iPod ports for music. The chair’s seat may be ergonomically designed to increase your comfort or have its own rollers to provide a massage for the rest of your body instead of just your feet. Some pedicure chairs will recline or swivel or both. And some models even have built-in drawers or shelving to provide you with extra storage space.

Best for Budget: Funnylife Pedicure Spa Station Chair with Foot Massage Basin

Finding a good home pedicure chair when you’re on a budget can be a tricky task. Luckily, that’s where this model comes in. It’s a lower price than many comparable pedicure chairs without sacrificing comfort or convenience. This model comes equipped with both a footrest and massaging footbath. Both the chair itself and the footrest are highly adjustable, so you can modify them to best suit your comfort. The chair can sit up at a straight 90-degree angle or recline all the way back to a 150-degree angle, while the hydraulic mechanism can raise the seat up an extra 7 inches. The footrest’s height can be adjusted between 21 and 31 inches high for a total adjustment range of 10 inches, and the footrest itself can be manually adjusted. You can even alter the distance between the footrest and the seat by an extra 5 inches if desired. The built-in lightweight plastic footbath has a massage function that can be used with or without water if you want to enjoy a foot massage without the wetness. The bowl is designed to be easy to fill and clean. The entire pedicure chair and accessories are set on a sturdy steel frame, while the set and footrest are padded with soft, dense foam for a more comfortable experience.

Best for Budget

Funnylife Pedicure Spa Station Chair with Foot Massage Basin &Pedicure Stations for Salon use

An adjustable and comfortable pedicure chair that won't break the bank.

Best Premium: Pibbs Amalfi Pedicure Chair

A high-end, high-quality pedicure chair that feels every bit as luxurious as it looks. The comfortable, armchair-like seat comes mounted on a wooden base, which also contains an equally padded, comfy footrest and a footbath. The footbath is highly portable, can be removed or replaced with another model if desired, and doesn’t require any plumbing to function. The slot that cradles the footbath can also be open and closed like a drawer, so you’re able to just relax and enjoy the chair and footrest without soaking your feet. Thanks to this feature, you can extend the base anywhere between 35 inches (when fully retracted) and 57 inches (when fully open), which also makes it easier to adjust the length to perfectly suit your height and leg length. This also allows you to fully close the base when it’s not in use to save yourself some room. The chair swivels and has an adjustable, reclining back, and the footrest’s height can also be raised or lowered as needed. The chair offers six different massage vibration settings, plus a heat setting, which you can easily change with the press of a button, thanks to the remote control.

Best Premium

Pibbs PS89 Amalfi Pedicure Chair

A premium, luxurious pedicure chair that is highly customizable and easy to control.

Most Features: LCL Beauty Hydraulic Lift Pedicure Unit with Massage Footbath

If you want to ensure that your pedicure chair not only comes with its own built-in footbath but also provides plenty of different features and settings, this is the one for you. The electric footbath is easily removable for more convenient cleaning, and it can massage your sore and tired feet. It has a heat function that keeps water from losing its heat for a longer relaxing soak, or you can treat your feet to a bubble bath. Even better, all three of these functions can be toggled separately from one another so that you can fully customize your foot massage experience. And the massaging function works with or without water if you ever want a foot massage without the bath. The chair is reinforced with crosshatch stitching and has a seat and manually adjustable footrest made of padded foam for maximum comfort. It also has a hydraulic mechanism attached to the bottom, so you can raise it up and down for an extra 7 inches of height. The chair, footrest, and footbath are mounted on a solid steel alloy frame with stabilizing fixtures for extra steadiness. You also receive a matching height-adjustable wheeled technician stool with your purchase.

Most Features

LCL Beauty Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Pedicure Unit with Easy-Clean Bubble Massage Footbath

A sturdy pedicure chair set with a built-in footbath with multiple settings and functions.

Most Compact: BR Beauty Mona Lisa Pedicure Chair

As wonderful of an addition as a pedicure chair can be to your home, they can be quite large and bulky. If you’re looking to buy a pedicure chair but don’t have a ton of extra living space to spare, this more compact model is the ideal choice. Not only can the footbath be tucked entirely underneath the seat, thanks to the retractable base, but since it isn’t mounted on a frame like many other models, it won’t take up any more room than a regular armchair. In fact, when not in use and with the base hidden away, this pedicure chair can double as a regular chair. The leg rest, which is attached to the tuck-in base, also pulls out, is adjustable, and locks into place. While a footbath doesn’t come included, this pedicure chair will be able to hold just about any spa footbath you prefer and doesn’t require any plumbing or special installation. The back of the chair reclines for your preferred comfort, with a headrest that is adjustable or can even be removed altogether. You can buy this plush, padded pedicure chair in black or white depending on your home décor or personal preferences.

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