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The Best Automatic Soap Dispensers

🕚 Updated September 2021

Washing our hands is a daily part of life. Using an automatic hand soap dispenser is an easy and touch-free method of dispensing soap and a great way of being environmentally conscious.

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  Best Overall Runner Up Best Value Set Best for the Shower Also Consider
Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser
Automatic Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder
Wall-Mounted Automatic Soap Dispense
Touch-Free Liquid Pump Dispenser
Our SummaryA sleek, modern automatic soap dispenser that allows you to bring hands-free dispensing convenience into your home.An automatic soap dispenser with precise motion detection for easy use.A premium hands-free soap dispenser set that comes with an all-purpose soap dispensing brush.A touch-free automatic soap dispenser meant to be mounted in the shower.A touch-free and rechargeable liquid soap dispenser that is sleek, modern, and convenient.
ProsHands-free, touch-free convenience with volume control.Hands-free, infrared sensor, large volume capacity.Convenient, two-in-one, hands-free use.Space saver, three-month capacity.Touch-free, clog-free, comes with drip-proof valve.
ConsRequires batteries, screw to open compartment.Smaller reservoir, requires batteries, must be cleaned to prevent blockages.Requires batteries, might not recognize dishes.Requires batteries, needs adequate space to be mounted.Needs charging, smaller reservoir, consumes more counter space.
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The Best Automatic Soap Dispensers

A hand reaches out under a hand soap dispenser on a bathroom sink.

Soap dispensers are handy little containers that hold and distribute liquid soap. They automatically dispense the soap when you hold a hand under or in front of it. Since liquid hand soap tends to be sold in stores already bottled in a dispenser, you might not see the need to buy your own separate, refillable soap dispenser. However, there are several reasons why one of these automatic dispensers might just be worth the investment. They’re more environmentally friendly since you won’t be throwing away a plastic dispenser every time your soap runs out. It can also save you money in the long run, and many refillable soap dispensers have higher capacities than store-bought ones. The touch-free design minimizes germs lingering on the soap dispenser itself. Buying your own also allows you to pick the design, shape, material, and even color that best suits your bathroom or kitchen decor. Many can also be used for other items like hand sanitizer, lotions, and essential oils if desired. Here are some automatic soap dispensers that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Automatic Soap Dispensers

A hand soap dispenser is mounted to the wall in a bathroom next to the sink and mirror.

Why buy an automatic soap dispenser?

An automatic soap dispenser is a great addition to a home, bathroom, or office because it eliminates additional chances for germs to come in contact with your hands. A simple wave of the hand will dispense your favorite hand soap in a touch-free manner. These dispensers also pump out the appropriate amount of soap, eliminating guesswork or overuse of soap. Ultimately, automatic dispensing helps save money and is better for the environment than purchasing multiple individual hand soaps.

What should you look for in an automatic soap dispenser?

Here are a few things to consider before buying an automatic soap dispenser:

  • Type: You might think of automatic soap dispensers as items that are reserved for public bathrooms, but this isn’t the case. There are plenty of automatic models available for the home, even ones that you can mount on the wall. These dispensers provide a more modern look, are touch-free, and are convenient when you have extra-messy hands, although they will require batteries or charging.
  • Location: Soap dispensers can be used in bathrooms and kitchens for hand soap. There are even models that are specifically designed for dish soap. You’ll want to make sure that the soap dispenser you buy is compatible with the type of soap that you plan to store inside, whether it’s liquid, foam, or powdered. You’ll probably also want to spring for a dispenser with a larger capacity (usually measured in ounces) for the kitchen since washing dishes often requires more soap than washing hands.
  • Functionality: You’ll want to ensure that your soap dispenser is durable and sturdy since it’s an item that will see multiple daily uses. Some dispensers will have nonslip mats underneath to prevent accidental slippage and even room for sponges if it’s meant for kitchen use. Materials like stainless steel will be the most durable and often the most modern-looking.

Can you buy an automatic soap dispenser to use in the shower?

Automatic soap dispensers aren’t just limited to hand soap and dish soap. There are options available for people who want to use automatic dispensers in the shower for shampoos, conditioners, and body washes as well. These designs are great for people who want to be mindful of the amount of product that they’re using and who plan to mount their dispenser to the wall in order to save already limited shower space.

Our Picks for the Best Automatic Soap Dispensers

Best Overall

Secura Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

A sleek, modern automatic soap dispenser that allows you to bring hands-free dispensing convenience into your home.

Pros: This automatic soap dispenser brings convenience and the extra cleanliness of touch-free use into your home. It has a sensor that can detect your hand from almost 3 inches away. The entire soap dispenser is water-resistant and holds up to 17 ounces of liquid soap at once. It has an on/off button as well as a volume control switch. The volume control switch allows you to control how much soap is dispensed each time. You can choose between 0.03 ounces and 0.19 ounces with each activation.

Cons: This soap dispenser requires power from four AA alkaline batteries (sold separately). Products that require AA batteries tend to go through them quickly, so while this product is a great choice from a hygiene and soap refill standpoint, it will require multiple batteries. The compartment for batteries requires a screw to open and close.

Bottom Line: This product allows you to manually adjust the soap volume that’s dispensed and comes in a variety of colors for a sleek and modern look. The Secura soap dispenser is a great choice for people who have a wall area to mount it to or enough counter space to accommodate the 17-ounce dispenser.


Runner Up

Hanamichi Soap Dispenser

An automatic soap dispenser with precise motion detection for easy use.

Pros: This automatic soap dispenser has a sensitive infrared sensor that provides easy hands-free use. On top, it has a button to power it on and control the volume of soap being dispensed. The container can hold up to 13.5 ounces of soap and is compatible with most types of liquid. The device was designed with waterproof and leakproof technology to prevent soap or water from corroding the circuit boards.

Cons: The Hanamichi soap dispenser requires four AAA batteries to run, which must be purchased separately from the device. Sometimes, leftover soap crusts along the dispensing hole, so you’ll need to wipe it clean to prevent blockages. The reservoir is smaller than other automatic dispensers, so depending on how much you wash your hands, you might need to refill it more often.

Bottom Line: This soap dispenser is an excellent purchase for people who are looking to maintain a touch-free handwashing experience. It’s easy to refill the soap reservoir and replace batteries, as the bottom compartment twists off and doesn’t require a screwdriver to open like other devices.


Best Value Set

K&Bath Automatic Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder

A premium, hands-free soap dispenser set that comes with a soap-dispensing brush.

Pros: This two-in-one set is a convenient and double hands-free option. The automatic soap dispenser can be refilled with not only liquid soap, but also, with alcohol or gel hand sanitizers. This set comes with an all-purpose soap dispensing brush that’s portable, economic, and great for cleaning kitchen dishes. The no-touch soap dispenser has a +/- button to increase or decrease the volume of soap dispensed, and it’s easy to wave your hand under the machine to receive the soap. The set also comes with a silicone tray to hold the brush and dispenser in a neat spot by the sink.

Cons: This dispenser requires AAA batteries, so they will need to be replaced. While the sponge addition indicates that this device is typically meant for kitchens, it doesn’t always sense glassware when that’s waved in front of it.

Bottom Line: This large 280-milliliter dispenser provides a lot more soap storage compared to other products and releases just the right amount of liquid for cleaning. It’s a practical purchase for people who want a sleek, all-in-one setup for their counters.


Best for the Shower

AIKE Wall-Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser

A touch-free automatic soap dispenser meant to be mounted in the shower.

Pros: This touch-free soap dispenser is ideal to mount via screws or glue in a shower to save space. It comes with built-in infrared motion sensors to detect when your hand is underneath, and it will dispense the soap immediately. The reservoir should hold up to three months’ worth of soap, and there are five gears to adjust how much is dispensed each time. With this dispenser, you won’t have to worry about slippery shampoo bottles falling on your feet while you shower.

Cons: This dispenser requires six AA batteries, which is more than most other dispensers require, and they’re not included with the purchase. It also requires an adequate amount of space in order to be mounted properly.

Bottom Line: Overall, this product is a great design for people who want to maximize their space in the shower and have an easy way to dispense soap. The design makes it easy to instantly get a pump of soap in your hand after waving underneath the sensor. Its large capacity is a convenient feature and will allow for longer time periods between refills.


Also Consider

simplehuman Touch-Free Liquid Pump Dispenser

A touch-free and rechargeable liquid soap dispenser that's modern and convenient.

Pros: This hands-free soap dispenser comes with various features that make it exceptionally easy and convenient to use. Besides being touch-free, it has a clog-proof tubing pump for a precise and consistent flow, including a variable dispense (so that a hand up close will release a little soap, and a hand further away will release more soap). It has a no-drip valve, so there’s no additional mess to clean up after you get your soap. The device is also waterproof, so it can easily be wiped off in the sink. Best of all, the device is rechargeable, so it doesn’t require a battery. One charge should last for three months.

Cons: While this device doesn’t require batteries, it still needs to be charged every once in a while. The capacity for this device is 9 fluid ounces, so it might need to be refilled more often depending on how often you use it. It’s also a larger size, so it will occupy more counter space.

Bottom Line: This sensor pump is a great tool for cleaning your hands and preventing the spread of germs. The device comes with a sample of lavender hand soap. Hand sanitizer is also compatible with the device. It’s ideal for the whole family to use and control the amount of soap that they want to use when washing their hands.

Final Thoughts

While not the right choice for everyone, automatic hand soap dispensers can be an extremely convenient addition to almost any home or office. They’re especially great for people looking to be more eco-friendly and conscious of the spread of germs.

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