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The Top Skimboards for Your Next Beach Day

Sunscreen, umbrellas, and towels are standard beach accessories. Enjoying the warmth and relaxation is one option for beach-goers, but those that are up for some fun and adventure will bring a skimboard! Skimboarding started around 1920 in California. Since then, it has only grown in popularity. Similar to but less intense than surfing, skimboarding involves gliding on shallower water. It isn’t tough to get into and can provide hours and hours of adrenaline-fueled fun. If you’re looking for a skimboard to take to the beach, here are some we recommend.

What to Look for in a Skimboard

Skimboarding is a niche sport that’s worth looking into. Here’s what you’ll want to look for when picking out a board:

  • Size Options: Make sure to choose a board that can support you! Taller and larger riders will need a larger board to get the same gnarly results as a smaller rider.
  • Grip: Wax can be a messy endeavor while getting ready to ride. Grips are typically included with a board, with some being intricate and detailed, while others are simpler. If you prefer using wax, try to avoid boards with built-in grips!
  • Durability: Everyone wants a board that will last. Find something that is built to your liking and that will last you for many beach trips.

Best Value: Waveline Neon Skimboard

The Waveline Neon Skimboard is an awesome, colorful board that will get you riding without breaking the bank. It is made with the avid rider in mind. The materials are carefully selected to make sure the weight is appropriate and ridable. It is sure to last you a very long time without worrying about it becoming waterlogged or run down. It comes in several different bright colors to stand out and match your personal style and in a few sizes as well (30 inches, 36 inches, and 41 inches). It’s great for beginners and experienced riders alike!

Best Value

Best for Beginners: South Bay Board Co. “The Skipper”

The Skipper by South Bay Board Co. is the best choice for riders of any age that are just starting out. The board is 41 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick and can support riders up to 160 pounds. The custom tear-drop shape and the longer body give this board a more performance-focused ride, including switch and backside riding as your skills progress. The wider center and tail make foot placement a breeze, and the thin profile allows for a clean glide. Each wooden board is coated in epoxy and has a wax-free soft top foam deck for comfortable rides!

Best Travel Set: BINDY Australia Skimboard “Bruce”

This board is great for hauling around with you wherever you want to board. It is a very affordable and durable choice. Bindy crafts wooden skimboards that have been tested over and over in various conditions and terrains. It has built-in traction pads and an EVA grip, so there is no need for any extra traction pads or wax. You can simply sling this board over your shoulder with the included bag to help protect and carry your board. This bag is a lifesaver if you have other bags or full hands.

Best Premium: South Bay Board Co. “The Marauder”

This board is mostly for intermediate to advanced riders. The Marauder is different than most skimboards, as it is made of an EPS Closed-Cell Foam Core with 6-ounce fiberglass sheets on the top and bottom, making it extremely durable. It has a performance-focused shape to help with tricking and various riding styles. A slight nose rocker helps the board skim across the water’s surface, while the flat center boosts the board’s speed. The board includes a front-deck wax-free traction pad and a rear traction stomp-pad for added control and grip! It measures 48 inches long, 20 inches wide, and supports riders up to 200 pounds.

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