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The Top Tetherball Sets for Outdoor Fun

Tetherball is a classic game that is sure to bring back memories for many people. Odds are, you spent plenty of time pounding the ball trying to wind it around the pole to beat your challenger. Older tetherball sets had hard, uncomfortable balls to strike. Nowadays, there are softer balls, stronger ropes, and tons of other options for your perfect backyard, beach, or patio setup! We have our top picks below!

What to Look for in a Tetherball Set

Most things with tetherball are fairly standard (ball, rope, poles, etc.). There is some variability in key aspects that you should look out for. Here are some things to consider when making a choice:

  • Base Type: Some bases are easier to install than others. Screw-in bases, fillable bases, and all other types are out on the market. If you would rather spend more time playing and less time setting up, find something easy!
  • Portability: Lots of players are looking for a permanent setup, while others are looking for something they can take around with them. Make sure to find something that packs up easily if you want to take the fun on the road!
  • Height: Younger players will find it easier to use a shorter pole setup. If you are looking for a challenge, then a taller pole is the way to go.

Best Alternative Design: Champion Sports TTGAME Tetherball Tennis

Tetherball is great. It can be lots of fun, but sometimes, it can be a little rough on the hands. This Tetherball Tennis Set by Champion Sports is a little gentler. Just like tetherball, you hit a ball around a pole. The difference is in the tennis ball at the end of the rope, and the rackets you hold instead of using your hand! The court is easily set up with two interlocking metal poles. It can be torn down and carried to any event you can think of! Two paddles are included to get your game going. It is a great way to get some physical activity for players of all ages!

Best With Screw-In Base: Franklin Sports Tetherball

The Franklin Sports Tetherball Set is a must-have for those who want a quick and easy setup anywhere. The 1.25-inch diameter steel poles stand 8 feet tall when assembled. It is simple to screw the base into the ground at any picnic, party, beach day, or other event. It works best in compact dirt but is sure to work most other places with a 10-inch ground sleeve for extra stability. The cord is made of cotton and is 84 inches long. An official size vinyl tetherball with a mini pump and needle is included!

Best Permanent Set: Park & Sun Sports Tetherball Set

Set up a fun asset in your backyard. Park & Sun has an extremely durable galvanized steel pole tetherball set that will stand the test of time. Galvanized steel is very stable and resists rusting. The poles have a push-button locking system so that you can set it up efficiently and get to playing! At its full height, it stands 10 feet 3 inches tall. The ball itself is smooth with a nylon-wound bladder, an inset valve stem, and an internal steel swivel hook attachment which secures the ball to the cord. The durable material of the ball cover is soft enough to lessen the impact on the hands, wrists, and arms when it is hit. This set also comes with a 12-inch in-ground pole sleeve, a heavy-duty 7-foot-long nylon cord, and a hand pump with two inflation needles.

Best Portable Set: Hathaway Tetherball Set

Take all the fun of tetherball on the go with the Hathaway Tetherball Set. This set has a heavy-duty construction to withstand intense competition. The high-density base, sturdy soft-sided ball, and rip-resistant cord add to the durability, which will let you enjoy years of action-packed fun. The base can be filled with sand or water along with ground stakes to keep the base sturdy with your games. No additional tools are required, as all the other pieces conveniently snap and/or lock into place. The poles are rust-resistant, and the rope is able to stand up to all sorts of weather conditions. When it is time to move or store this set, the poles snap into place on the underside of the base. This is sure to please everyone at tailgates, parties, and all other events!

Best Portable Set

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