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The Top Toys for Your Pet Bird

If you have a pet bird, it’s crucial to buy them toys to play with throughout the day. This is true of all domesticated bird species, from parrots to finches to cockatiels to parakeets. The bigger the bird, the more important it is that they get new and energizing toys on a regular basis. This keeps them happy and mentally and physically stimulated, and it prevents them from becoming bored. Bored birds tend to react by becoming destructive to their belongings, you, or, even worse, themselves. Some species of pet birds also need to chew regularly to keep their beaks and bills in good shape, and toys can be a great method to provide this. Bird toys can come in many different forms, styles, sizes, and materials. It’s also important to provide them with at least four to six different toys at once and to rotate different types in and out to keep them stimulated. If you’re looking to buy some new toys for your pet bird, here are a few we recommend.

What Should You Consider in Bird Toys?

Here are a few things to think about before buying bird toys:

  • Size: You may not think that the size of your bird’s toy matters much, but it is actually quite an important consideration. If you have a small bird, you’ll want smaller toys; larger toys are for larger birds. A too-small toy for a larger bird runs the risk of them biting off and swallowing the parts. And a toy that is too big for a small bird might make it hard for them to get their beak around it and chew it properly. You also don’t want to risk your bird, large or small, getting its beak or toes stuck. Therefore, it’s important that you pick bird toys that are sized proportionally to your bird.
  • Type: There are several different types of bird toys available for purchase. There are toys designed for foraging, chewing, exercising, comforting, learning, and gripping. If you want foraging or educational toys, look for items like skewers, cardboard boxes, puzzles, and manipulatives. If you’re looking for chewing toys, look for wooden ones or models with confetti for them to pull out and play with. Swings, bridges, bungees, ladders, ropes, and monkey bars make for great exercising toys, whether by promoting balance or building muscles. Softer, fluffy, and plush toys, rings, and mirrors are designed for birds to preen or snuggle up against, which can help reduce their anxiety levels, especially in flock species. There are also others, like balls, that can be filled with food or treats. Think about what types of toys your bird has enjoyed in the past or a type they don’t have at present to offer variety so that they don’t get bored.
  • Material: Bird toys can come in a wide variety of different materials. Softwood, hardwood, rawhide, ropes, straws, various metals, coconut shells, and plastics are all options. They can also include extra add-ons and accessories like beads, bells, nuts, and mirrors. You’ll want to make sure that, whichever material and design you pick, they’re nontoxic since birds love to chew on and destroy their toys. Harder plastic and woods are better for bigger birds to challenge them, while softer woods like balsa or pine are ideal for smaller species.

Best for Small Birds: Superbird Creations Crinkle Bird Toy

If you own a small bird, such as a parakeet, cockatiel, or lovebird, this crinkly little bird toy is a great choice for your pet. They’ll love the feel, sounds, and sight of this proportionally small but invigorating little toy. Made of natural vines, colorful plastic beads, multicolored crinkle shredded paper, and a little tinkling bell. This assorted mix of materials, colors, textures, and shapes provides your pet bird with plenty of stimulation, entertainment, and interest for hours at a time. The crinkly bits can come in either standard multiple colors or a limited edition set of colors. Your bird will enjoy chewing, pulling, and preening the crinkling shredded paper and other parts of the toy. This will provide him or her with physical and mental engagement and help stir their curiosity, which will prevent boredom, depression, and aggression. This toy is also designed to be as safe as possible for your pet bird as well as enriching.

Best for Small Birds

Super Bird Creations SB541 Crinkle Crinkle Little Star Bird Toy, Small Bird Size, 6" x 2"

A fun, safe, and enriching crinkly toy that is designed specifically with smaller pet birds in mind.

Best for Large Birds: PETUOL Large Bird Swing Toys

Some species of larger birds, particularly parrots, are prone to becoming aggressive and destructive if they grew bored and lack proper stimulation. That’s where this trio of bird toys comes in. Whether you have a macaw, an African gray parrot, or any other medium- or large-sized bird, these toys were designed specifically with them in mind. This set includes a colored block toy with hanging ropes and knots, a climbing ladder, and a scrub stick with bells, each of which will provide your pet with a different sort of stimulation and entertainment. The colored block toy is great for birds’ natural inclination to chew. Playing with, and, in the case of especially intelligent birds, untying the cotton knots will keep them busy for hours. The climbing ladder allows them to move, explore, stretch, and exercise their legs and feet. It has two hooks on each end, allowing you to hang it in different shapes so that you can mix it up and get more mileage out of the toy. The scrub stick gives them a place to perch, chew, swing, ring bells, and play, and the hard quartz body will naturally trim their nails without hurting them. Each toy is handmade—created from and dyed with food-grade colors and wood so that you know they’re safe for your pet. Durable and bite-resistant, these toys are also bright and colorful to easily attract your bird’s attention. All three types have an active hook for easy installation onto the top of most cages.

Best for Large Birds

Large Bird Swing Toys, 3 PCS Big Parrots Chewing Natural Wood with Bells Toys for Childhood Macaws Cokatoos, Alexandrine Parakeet, African Grey Parrot and a Variety of Medium Amazon Finch

A trio of bird toys specifically designed to provide medium and large birds with three different types of stimulation and play.

Most Variety: BWOGUE Bird Swing Toys with Bells

Diversity and variety are important factors in picking bird toys, as more variety means more fun and stimulation for your pet bird. The more diversity available in your bird’s toys, the less chance they’ll grow bored and start acting out. This set of bird toys is a great way to give your pet a greater assortment with which to play. It consists of five different types of toys (chewing, hanging, swinging, noise-making, and climbing), suitable for birds of all species and sizes, from parakeets to macaws. The brightly colored toys will easily attract their attention, while their chewiness and noisiness will keep them entertained for longer. Each toy is made of tough, nontoxic, 100% pet-safe materials that will hold up to regular chewing without causing your bird any harm. These toys are designed to easily fit most cages, thanks to the steel hooks on the ends. For even more variety, you can purchase two bonus accessories: a set of stainless steel cups and extra hangings bells (both sold separately).

Most Variety

BWOGUE Bird Swing Toys with Bells Pet Parrot Cage Hammock Hanging Toy Perch for Budgie Love Birds Conures Small Parakeet Finches Cockatiels (5 Pack)

Your bird will love the variety and stimulation provided by this set of five bright, colorful, noisy toys.

Also Great: SHANTU Parrot Cage Shredder Toys

Despite not having any teeth, birds love to chew. It’s an instinct they all possess, which is related to ingrained nesting and foraging habits. This is actually a beneficial activity for most species, as it keeps their beaks trim and fit and provides a source of entertainment for domesticated birds. Indulge your pet bird’s chewing habits with this trio of toys that combine hanging, foraging, and swinging properties. These toys are made of safe, hygienic wood, rattan, and paper, so your bird can chew away to his or her heart’s content without risking their wellbeing. Regardless of species, your pet will love playing with, pulling out, shredding, and chewing the crinkly paper each of these three toys is stuffed with. The two hanging toys also provide bells to ring and brightly colored wood to chew on, while the rattan loofah doubles as a swing and perch in one. These toys are suited for most pet bird species, from cockatiels to African grey parrots and more. Note that it is normal for small scraps of the colored paper to fall off during your bird’s play, so there is no reason to be alarmed if you notice this happening.

Also Great

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