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The Top Twin Bed Frames for Your Child

Twin beds are the smallest standard-sized beds on the market. This compact size means that they’re ideal for single sleepers in smaller spaces. Once a toddler or young child has outgrown their crib, a twin-sized bed is the ideal next choice to transition into a real bed. Twin beds are long enough to fit kids as they age and grow, even as they become teenagers. Some twin-sized bed frames are specifically made for children. Here are a few we recommend.

What to Consider in Twin Bed Frames

Here are a few things to think about before buying a twin bed frame for your child:

  • Material: Most modern bed frames, regardless of size, are made from wood or metal. Wooden bed frames may be shaped and carved into various designs, are easy to paint to match a certain look, and they’re quite strong and steady. You’ll want to opt for hardwood (like maple or walnut) or solid but flexible wood (like pine) since kids love to squirm around on their beds or use them as makeshift trampolines. Metal bed frames are even stronger and more durable than wood, especially if you pick a heavy-duty metal like steel. They’re also extremely easy to clean, a factor many parents will appreciate. However, most metal frames tend to be more minimalistic or austere in style, so you may have trouble finding one that matches the aesthetic you want for your child’s room.
  • Type: Even though bed frames are usually pretty simple items, there are a few options for you to choose between. As mentioned, twin beds tend to be the preferred size for bunk beds, so if you have two kids who will be sharing a room, these make for a fun, space-saving option. Some twin-sized beds come pre-lofted so that you can use the space below the bed as either a play area for your child or as storage space. Others are equipped with trundles, which are handy for sleepovers. Some twin bed frames even have built-in shelves or drawers to provide you with extra storage space that otherwise couldn’t be utilized.
  • Design: Some twin-sized bed frames aimed at kids are made in novelty shapes and colors, which your child will love, and they can be a fun way to match their bedroom’s decor or style. An upholstered bed frame is another way to add a certain color or hue to a child’s bedroom. Also consider if you want a bed frame that requires a box spring or a headboard and/or footboard. You can find four-poster and canopy bed frames designed for kids, though these are a bit less common in twin-sized models. Some twin bed frames may also have bars or railing along the sides, which may be ideal if you have a toddler or young child transitioning into a regular bed for the first time.

Best Classic Design: SimLife Twin Size Metal Bed Frame

This classic twin-sized bed frame is convenient and supportive to help accommodate your child as they grow. Able to support standard twin mattresses, the strong steel frame holds up to 176 pounds, while the metal slats can curve downward to adjust to body shape and sleeping position. This bed frame has six legs instead of the standard four for extra stability and safety for your child as they sleep. It’s designed to prevent squeaking when your child turns over in their sleep. The paint ensures the frame stays smooth and rust-free, whether you choose the black, white, or brown color. When fully assembled, this frame rises about 12.7 inches off the ground to give you both storage space and enough height to add a decorative bed skirt. Not only is no box spring required, but the frame comes flat packed in a single box and doesn’t require any tools for assembly, which streamlines the process for you.

Best Classic Design

SimLife Metal Bed Frame Twin Size 6 Legs Two Headboards Mattress Foundation Steel Platform Bed for Kids Box Spring Replacement Black

A metal twin-sized bed frame that is sturdy yet flexible enough to accommodate your growing child.

Best Wooden Model: Walker Edison Alexander Solid Wood Twin Size Bed

Wooden beds have withstood the test of time for good reason, as they’re both durable and aesthetically pleasing. This twin-sized model is made of solid, responsibly sourced pine, one of the best hardwood options for bed frames out there. It supports up to 200 pounds, easily holding your child as they grow into adolescence. The integrated guardrails and ladder help to ensure your child’s safety as they sleep and climb in and out of bed. No box spring is required, though the use of a bunkie board is recommended. While this twin bed frame will hold most twin-sized mattresses, it works best with mattresses that are between 5 and 9 inches thick. If you have more than one child and they’ll be sharing a room, this bed frame is also available in classic bunk bed and triple bunk bed form. If you don’t like the espresso brown color, this bed frame can also be purchased in walnut brown, gray, and white.

Best Wooden Model

Walker Edison Alexander Classic Solid Wood Stackable Jr Twin over Low Loft Bunk Bed, Twin Size, Espresso

A solid wooden twin-sized bed frame with a low loft for extra storage space.

Most Storage: Naomi Home Low Study Loft Bed

This ultra-modern twin-sized lofted bed frame takes space efficiency, storage, and functionality to a whole new level. Besides the lofted twin bed frame itself, this model comes equipped with a desk, dresser, and bookcase all in one. The dresser fits right below the bed frame, and the bookcase is fixed at the end of the bed, providing three extra drawers and two shelves of storage space without taking up any extra space in your child’s bedroom. The desk pulls out and tucks back in when not in use for even greater efficiency and compactness. The entire structure is sturdy, and there are bed rails along the edges to keep your child from rolling off the bed as they sleep. It’s available in four different colors.

Most Storage

Naomi Home Twin Size Loft Bed with Desk Low Study Kids Twin Loft Bed with Storage Pine Wood Loft Bed Twin for Kids Twin Loft Bed with Cabinet Ladder, Safety Guard Rails, Bookcase Shelf, White

A lofted twin bed frame, retractable desk, built-in bookcase, and dresser all in one unit for maximum storage and space efficiency.

Best Loft: Dorel Living Milton Junior Twin Loft Bed

One major benefit of lofted bed frames of any size is that they provide extra storage space underneath the bed. Many kids also love climbing in and out of them since it feels almost like playtime to them. This twin-sized lofted bed frame will indulge your child’s fun-loving side while also providing them with a safe night’s sleep for your peace of mind. The horizontal paneling and full-length guardrail keep them from rolling out of bed in their sleep, and the stepladder is built-in so that you don’t have to worry about it sliding out from underneath them while they’re climbing up or down. The wooden construction is incredibly sturdy, with a weight limit of 165 pounds. The support slats accommodate your child as they sleep and eliminate the need for a box spring. (Note that whatever mattress you use shouldn’t be more than 6 inches thick.) The under the bed clearance measures 26.75 inches, providing space for your child to play or store plenty of toys. Available in five neutral colors, this bed frame comes with all the hardware you need to assemble it properly.

Best Loft

Dorel Living Milton Junior Twin Loft Bed, White

A lofted twin bed frame that provides your child with both safety and fun.

Best Trundle: MERITLINE House Bed Twin Size Kids Bed Frame with Trundle

Trundle beds are a handy addition to any household, and this twin bed combines the convenience of a trundle with a fun, unique design your child will love. The bed is shaped like a house, so your little one’s bed will feel like a play area as well as a place to sleep. The roof foundation allows you to throw a tent over it for playtime or install a permanent canopy and curtains in mere seconds. The construction is solid pinewood and enhanced with MDF wood for a sturdy, stable, long-lasting frame that can support up to 300 pounds in the main bed and 220 pounds on the trundle. Slats in the main bed come included, so no box spring is required. This twin bed frame comes in three different colors, and you can order it with or without fence-like guardrails or even without the trundle altogether. Step-by-step assembly instructions and hardware are included.

Best Trundle

MERITLINE House Daybed with Trundle,House Bed Twin Bed for Kids,No Box Spring Needed

A twin-sized bed frame with a unique shape and built-in trundle bed for sleepovers.

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