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Transport Your Baked Goods Safely with These Cupcake Boxes

🕚 Updated August 2021

As beautiful as many cake stands are for displaying cupcakes, they don't offer much in the way of protection for your carefully crafted handiwork. That's where cupcake boxes come in handy.

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  Best Large Box Best Individual Boxes Best Handled Option Best Color Options Best High Dome
Brown Food Grade Kraft Cupcake Holders
Individual Cupcake Containers
Cupcake Carrier with Window Insert and Handle
Brown 50 Pack Individual Cupcake Boxes
High Dome Disposable Cupcake Carrier
Our SummaryA set of 15 cupcake boxes made of all-natural material, able to fit up to 12 standard-sized cupcakes at once.Eco-friendly clear plastic cupcake boxes that are stackable and large enough for elaborately decorated cupcakes with extra frosting.A set of 50 foldable cupcake boxes with built-in handles for convenient and secure transportation.Cupcake boxes available in 22 different colors and patterns to better match your decor, themes, or holidays.A set of plastic, disposable cupcake carriers with six compartments per box, designed with an extra-high lid for cupcakes with tall, elaborate decorations and icing.
ProsProfessional look, removable inserts, easy assembly, high volume.Great value, displays full cupcake, stackable design.Affordable, sturdy handle, eco-friendly option.Multiple colors and designs available, good quantity options, made of recycled materials.Ribbed slots, good protection, secure double seal, two size options.
ConsToo large for smaller events or quantities, overly rigid tabs, no color options.No handle or grip, won't hold other types of baked goods.Time consuming assembly, only one quantity option.Thinner paper construction, price varies by color.Less multifunctional, limited quantity options.
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Transport Your Baked Goods Safely with These Cupcake Boxes

Cupcakes with cream, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries packed in a box.

Cupcake boxes allow you to store cupcakes and other baked goods so that they’ll stay fresh and edible for longer. They were designed to offer your cupcakes protection from the elements and to provide a way to transport cupcakes from location A to location B, whether individually or by the dozens. Some of the larger ones can even double as serving trays. Cupcake boxes also tend to be cost-efficient, as you can buy them in large quantities for little money. Overall, a serious baker would be wise to invest in high-quality cupcake boxes.

Buying Guide for Cupcake Boxes

Two boxes rest on a white surface, with chocolate cupcakes decorated with yellow frosting inside of and next to the boxes.
Abasli Toghrul/Shutterstock.com

Why buy cupcake boxes?

Despite the name, cupcake boxes aren’t necessarily limited to cupcakes. Many can hold a wide variety of baked goods, from cookies to pastries to muffins and more. A good set of cupcake boxes is a worthwhile purchase for anyone who bakes a lot, either professionally or for fun.

As previously mentioned, cupcake boxes provide your hard-earned baked goods with protection against various elements, such as dust, water, light, bugs, and more. They will keep your baked goods safe and snug during transportation. And a cupcake that’s inside of one of these boxes isn’t at risk of accidentally being bumped into or knocked off a shelf or display stand. Cupcake boxes are also designed to accommodate cupcakes with tall, elaborate frosting and decorations, so you won’t have to worry about smudging and ruining your handiwork, either. Some types of these boxes also double as displays. There are colorful and/or decorative boxes in many sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, with a PVC or other clear plastic window on top. This can be great for matching the boxes to certain holidays, anniversaries, and other special events, or as a way to display cupcakes and baked goods while still protecting them.

What should you look for in cupcake boxes?

  • Type: There are two main types of cupcake boxes: large square or rectangular ones for multiple baked goods at once, or smaller ones meant for storing one cupcake at a time. Both types can come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, but these are the two basic models. The type of cupcake box that you buy will depend on your personal needs and how often you bake. Larger boxes tend to have a wider application for a range of baked goods, while individual boxes are mostly used for cupcakes. Bakeries tend to have both types on hand since the quantities and types of baked goods that they sell can vary so much day-to-day.
  • Size: If you want a bigger, rectangular box, these can hold as few as four at once or over a dozen. Individual boxes can be made for miniature, standard, or extra-large cupcakes, and some are extra tall for more elaborately decorated or iced cupcakes. When selecting cupcake boxes, have an idea of what size you’ll need for your baked goods or how many you’ll need to store and/or transport at once.
  • Quantity: Cupcake boxes, especially individual ones, tend to be sold in large quantities, sometimes 50 or 100 at once. This is great for bakeries and weddings, but maybe not so much for a small local bake sale or for someone baking for fun. Luckily, you can buy cupcake boxes in smaller quantities as well. Keep an eye on your buying options so that you don’t end up with too few or too many.
  • Grip: Not all cupcake boxes come with a handle or grip. You might not need or want them, but if you transport baked goods a lot or want to send your guests home with a cupcake, a handled box can be a nice touch and might feel more secure.

What material are cupcake boxes made of?

Cupcake boxes are commonly made of cardboard, paper, plastic, or sometimes a combination of these materials. Cardboard boxes tend to be the sturdiest and most durable of the three. There are some decently strong, high-quality kraft paper options as well, though. Plastic is the most waterproof choice, and individual plastic cupcake boxes are great for displaying the entire cupcake, not just the frosted top. However, keep in mind that cupcake boxes made entirely of plastic won’t offer much (if any) variety in terms of colors or design options. There are also models made out of recycled materials and other green and eco-friendly options for anyone trying to be more environmentally conscious. But regardless of the material, make sure that it’s listed as food grade before you buy.

Our Picks for the Best Cupcake Boxes

Best Large Box

Aglahome Brown Food Grade Kraft Cupcake Holders

A set of 15 cupcake boxes made of all-natural material, able to fit up to 12 standard-sized cupcakes at once.

Pros: These cupcake boxes provide an extremely neat and professional look, while the ruffled edge around the display window gives them a little flair without taking away from their professionalism. They’re also quick and easy to assemble, requiring minimal, straightforward folding. Each box comes with an insert with 12 slots to hold your cupcakes firmly in place. You can remove the inserts if you plan to use the boxes for differently shaped baked goods, like cookies. And since you receive 15 boxes per purchase, they’re ideal for large quantities of cupcakes or for transporting big orders.

Cons: While the large quantity of these boxes offers an advantage for some, people who bake on a smaller scale will probably find them unnecessary. Not everyone needs protection, display, or storage for 180 cupcakes. They also only come in a plain brown color. No fun colors or designs are available. And while the rigid tabs of the inserts are great for holding cupcakes firmly in place during transportation, some users found them to be a bit too rigid, which made the cupcakes hard to remove at their final destination.

Bottom Line: Bakery owners and people hosting a bake sale, wedding, or large party will find these secure, large cupcake boxes to be an ideal choice for their needs. However, you’ll want to skip this model if you bake in smaller quantities or plan to send your guests home with individual cupcakes.


Best Individual Boxes

Katgely Individual Cupcake Containers

Eco-friendly, clear plastic cupcake boxes that are stackable and large enough for elaborately decorated cupcakes with extra frosting.

Pros: These cupcake boxes are priced lower than average while still providing a large number of boxes, so you know that you’re receiving a good value. Since each box is made of clear plastic, the cupcake and its design will be completely visible from top to bottom. Thus, these boxes are great for displays. As a bonus, they’re designed to stack and balance on top of each other for further display and storage convenience.

Cons: As great as these cupcake boxes are for individual cupcakes, it’s worth noting that they don’t have any sort of handle or grip. Thus, your customers or guests might find them to be harder to carry if they don’t have a purse or bag to slide the cupcake box into. Due to their shape, these cupcake boxes can’t hold or fit other types of baked goods besides muffins. And because of the plastic make, these boxes aren’t available in any alternate colors, designs, or shapes.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for sturdy cupcake boxes to display individual cupcakes to their best advantage, or if you’re on a budget, these are the cupcake boxes for you. If you want more multipurpose cupcake boxes that will hold other types of baked goods or individual models with a reliable grip, you should look elsewhere.


Best Handled Option

VGOODALL Cupcake Carrier with Window Insert and Handle

A set of 50 foldable cupcake boxes with built-in handles for convenient and secure transportation.

Pros: Each of these tall, individual cupcake boxes is equipped with a sturdy handle for maximum portability. Each has an insert with a slot to hold the cupcake, which is removable if you want to transport a different type of baked good. The kraft paper body is biodegradable, while the plastic window can be recycled so that you can use it guilt-free. And the price is nice, especially for a set of 50 boxes.

Cons: Unlike some other cupcake boxes, these models are only available in sets of 50 per purchase. There aren’t any other quantity options, so you’ll be stuck with extras if you need fewer than 50 and you’ll have to order extra sets if you require more than 50 boxes. Many users found that folding and assembling these cupcake boxes was a time-consuming process. And while there are two color options beyond the plain brown, they’re more expensive.

Bottom Line: If you want highly portable individual cupcake boxes or something eco-friendly, this is the set of cupcake boxes for you. But they aren’t the best in terms of quantity options available. And while you can use them for some alternative baked goods if you remove the insert, their size and shape mean that they aren’t the most versatile or multipurpose options.


Best Color Options

Yotruth Brown 50 Pack Individual Cupcake Boxes

Cupcake boxes available in 22 different colors and patterns to better match your decor, themes, or holidays.

Pros: These are among the most colorful individual cupcake boxes you’ll be able to find. Not only are they available in a range of pastel, jewel tones (and more), but there are also several options with themed patterns or designs. You can easily match the boxes to your party’s theme, the color of the cupcakes, and more. They also offer four different quantity options, both large and small. This makes it easier to buy the right amount of cupcake boxes for your personal needs. As a bonus, each box is made of 100% recycled materials.

Cons: It can be tricky to figure out exactly how much these cupcake boxes will cost you, as the price varies a decent amount depending on which color, design, and quantity you pick. They’re made of thinner paper than many other models, which means that they aren’t going to hold up to travel as well.

Bottom Line: Between their wide array of color choices and built-in handles, these cupcake boxes are the perfect choice for party favors or for events or bakeries that have a specific theme. With large and small quantities available, there are purchasing options for both kinds of events. But keep in mind that these aren’t as durable as some other individual cupcake boxes.


Best High Dome

Supellectilem High Dome Disposable Cupcake Carrier

A set of plastic, disposable cupcake carriers designed with an extra-high lid for cupcakes with tall, elaborate decorations and icing.

Pros: These cupcake boxes protect your baked goods from water and oxygen. They’re even anti-odor, so you don’t need to worry about your cupcakes absorbing the funk and feel that sometimes come with other plastic containers. The six compartments in each box are ribbed, which better fits the baking cups of individual cupcakes while ensuring that they’re easy to remove when it’s time to eat. The double seal keeps them better secured during transportation, and you also have the option to buy these cupcake boxes with four compartments instead of six if that better suits your needs.

Cons: The compartments will only properly support standard-sized cupcakes and muffins. Mini cupcakes will slide around inside, and extra-large ones will be too big to fit. The compartments aren’t removable, so these boxes can only be used for cupcakes and muffins. And you only have one quantity option for both sizes, which might be irritating for anyone who bakes multiple batches at once.

Bottom Line: These protective cupcake boxes are virtually identical to those used in many grocery stores. As long as you plan to bake standard-sized cupcakes or muffins, they’re a great choice. They’re handy for bringing cupcakes to work or school for a birthday party or other event. But if you want a more multifunctional set of cupcake boxes, bake mini or extra-large cupcakes, or tend to bake in higher or lower volumes, these might not be your best bet.

Final Thoughts

Cupcake boxes offer all of the protection of classic bakery boxes while still allowing you to put your handiwork on display. Whether you own your own bakery, make cupcakes for the holidays, are throwing a bake sale, or are planning a wedding or party, cupcake boxes are extremely useful for all of these scenarios and more.

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