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The Best Table Legs

🕚 Updated October 2021

It may seem slightly unorthodox to buy table legs alone rather than an entire table, but there are several great reasons why someone might. Ultimately, it's about the details, so check out these table legs to upgrade your coffee table, dining table, or end table.

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  Best Hairpin Legs Best Wooden Legs Best Adjustable Legs Best Vintage Look Also Great
16-Inch Heavy Duty Hairpin Furniture Legs
Chunky Farmhouse Table Legs
28-Inch Adjustable Metal Desk Legs
LDR Industriess
Rustic Industrial Pipe Table Legs
28-Inch Durable Table Legs
Our SummaryThese hairpin table legs are super sturdy and modern-looking.Amazing wooden table legs for home DIY projects that offer versatility and a classic feel.Simple adjustable table legs that offer optimal durability and strength.Upgrade your decor with these industrial-looking table legs.Height-adjustable table legs that work well for desks and tables you sit at.
ProsUnique hairpin design, pre-drilled holes for easy installation, made of heavy-duty steel.Elegant-looking design, classic farmhouse aesthetic, can easily match the decor of your home.Made of heavy-duty metal, many different height options.Industrial-grade materials, unique design aesthetic, durable and long-lasting.Sturdy construction, resistant to damage, easy to install.
ConsDoesn't offer a lot of height options, too short for dining tables.Manufacturer doesn't list weight capacity, wood is unfinished.Some threads of the table legs are not perfectly vertical, a little cheap-looking.Not tall enough for tables you sit at.More high-quality products are available on the market.
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The Best Table Legs

A wooden coffee table with metal legs is on a rug in a living room.

Maybe you’re building your own table, or your dining room or coffee table has a broken or wobbly leg. Perhaps you want to upgrade your home furniture and decor style without making too dramatic a change at once, or you’re trying not to spend too much money. Maybe you bought a table that was efficient and convenient at the time but now doesn’t match the rest of your furniture, and you want to fix that. There are plenty of good reasons to shop for table legs, and whether you’re looking for thick or thin, plain or carved, wooden or metal legs, there are many excellent options to choose from.

Buying Guide for the Best Table Legs

A wooden coffee table with industrial style table legs on a rug.
LRD Industries

Why buy a set of table legs?

Why buy a brand new table when you can save money and upgrade it with a unique set of table legs to pair with the beautiful tabletop that you already own? Or perhaps you’re having trouble finding the right desk for your home office, and you decided that you want to customize your desk legs instead. They come in various styles and designs and are much less expensive than buying a whole new table or desk, so new table legs can open up your options significantly. Plus, they can really elevate and put the finishing touch on the aesthetics in your home; it’s all in the details, after all.

What should you look for in table legs?

  • Type: Ask yourself questions like the following: Are you looking for legs for a coffee table, bedside table, or dining room table? Do you want them to be thin or thick? Hairpin style? Straight or curved? Do you want a modern, old-fashioned, or industrial look? Do you want them to be plain or have carvings or designs etched in them? Do you want unfinished legs so you can stain or paint them to best match your other furnishings? There are a lot of design options available to fit with your unique tabletop.
  • Material: Most table legs are going to be made of wood or metal. Wood offers better customizable options than metal, as they can be finished or carved, and painting them is generally easier. Metal legs are generally sturdier, less easy to break, and won’t ever splinter. The choice is yours, depending on the corresponding tabletop or the look you prefer. Also, consider looking for legs with rubber or cloth on the bottoms to protect your floors from scratches.

What is the average height for a set of table legs?

Table legs tend to vary in height between 10 and 30 inches, depending on the type of table. Taller options are a bit less common but certainly not impossible to find. Some legs may be adjustable, allowing you to change the height as needed. However, even these will have limits to how tall or short they can stretch. Get out a measuring tape and take into account chairs or surrounding furniture to get an idea of how tall or short you need the legs to be for the table you’re intending them to go on before shopping.

Our Picks for the Best Table Legs

Best Hairpin Legs


These hairpin table legs are super sturdy and modern-looking.

Pros: Made of strong, cold-rolled steel, these legs can support up to 300 pounds of weight and are coated in a smooth black powder finish for an attractive, glossy look. Each leg comes with a mounting bracket with five pre-drilled holes so that assembly and installation are as quick and easy as possible. Besides the legs themselves, you’ll receive 20 screws for installation and a set of rubber feet to protect your floors from scratches and further stabilize your new table legs. You can use these rubber feet with the hairpin legs or other furniture in your home if you have another chair, table, or desk that is wobbly.

Cons: In terms of height options, these table legs offer you limited choices. The tallest available height maxes out at 16 inches, which is considerably lower when you compare these table legs to other options.

Bottom Line: If you want a modern look for your table, these slim and sleek hairpin-style legs are ideal. You can attach them to a dining room table, coffee table, end table, dresser, nightstand, desk, or media console to add a touch of flair to your space.


Best Wooden Legs


Amazing wooden table legs for home DIY projects that offer versatility and a classic feel.

Pros: These legs are 29 inches tall with a 3.5-inch square shank; they’re hard, thick, and strong pinewood legs able to support heavy wooden tabletops. The wood is clean and high-quality, free of knots and other common flaws sometimes present in wooden furniture. Despite the chunky look, the pinewood has the ideal density to provide plenty of strength and sturdiness. The legs come unfinished, so you can paint and finish them to match the table you want to attach them to. Their height makes them ideal for dining room tables, but they are by no means limited to such and can be used on other types of tables you own.

Cons: You will need to apply a primer and finish on your own, so these require a little more work than metal options. They also might be a little chunky for the look you’re going for.

Bottom Line: Rustic, farmhouse-style furniture and furnishings add a homey and warm feeling to a room. If you’re interested in adding touches of this aesthetic to your home, these wooden table legs will make a great addition to your furniture and living space.


Best Adjustable Legs

QLLY Metal Desk Legs

Simple adjustable table legs that offer optimal durability and strength.

Pros: You can buy these legs in black or white and in 10 different heights (as short as 4 inches and as tall as 30 inches). Besides the four legs, you’ll receive a package of four mounting plates and 20 screws for installation. Made of sleek, strong metal, each leg can support up to 220 pounds and is treated with an odorless, eco-friendly electrostatic spray for cleanliness purposes. They’re easy to install and work great for tables, desks, and countertops alike. Plus, they’re adjustable—add an extra inch of height as needed by using the screw mechanisms built into the legs.

Cons: These table legs offer a lot more versatility and practical value versus visual appeal. You will find more attractive and more expensive-looking designs out there. Also, the manufacturer warns that not all threads of the table legs are perfectly vertical, which could be annoying.

Bottom Line: Sometimes you need a little extra height boost in your table’s legs. If you want a better solution than shoving a book or other solid item under the feet, these adjustable metal legs offer a more stable alternative. Each leg comes with a screw mechanism on the bottom to add an extra inch of height as needed.


Best Vintage Look

LRD Industries Industrial Table Legs

Upgrade your decor with these industrial-looking table legs.

Pros: Made of genuine industrial iron pipes, these table legs have durability, strength, and style. Their natural dark steel gray color will look great with varying wood types, or you can paint them any color you want. Either way, you won’t have to worry about rust. You can buy them in three different sizes (12 inches, 18 inches, or 24 inches) for the type of table you want to build or attach them to. With your purchase, you’ll receive the four legs in your selected height, eight flanges, and 16 screws. Extra pieces and accessories may be purchased separately for further customization or expansions.

Cons: These table legs likely won’t be tall enough for desks or dining tables.

Bottom Line: These industrial pipe table legs are a great way to make a statement with your decor and will suit several different design styles, including vintage, steampunk, retro, farmhouse, reclamation, or industrial. Upgrade your end table or coffee table with these versatile table legs.


Also Great

Kullavik Heavy-Duty Furniture Legs

Height-adjustable table legs that work well for desks and tables you sit at.

Pros: Not only do you have the option to choose between white, silver, or black color options, but these table legs are also height-adjustable with a maximum extension of 29 inches. They feature an updated design and structure, which ensure that you can install each individual leg with ease and efficiency. Also, because the legs are incredibly durable, they’ll last you a long time.

Cons: In terms of overall quality, performance, and style, they don’t take the cake. They’ll get the job done, but they certainly aren’t the fanciest option.

Bottom Line: These durable, heavy-duty metal table legs will get the job done. Their height is ideal for desks and tables you want to sit at and use often.

Final Thoughts

Tables legs offer you an affordable and resourceful alternative to spending an excessive amount of money to replace your current table. When renovating your home or business, you should seek out ways in which you can smartly and affordably make those upgrades, and our picks for table legs can help you do that.

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