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Use These Meat Grinders to Get the Freshest Meat

Meat grinders are becoming the go-to kitchen gadget for fresh, better-tasting ground meat for chili, sausages, burgers, and much more! Families, professional chefs, and amateur chefs love using meat grinders to create yummy concoctions with veggies, herbs, and spices as well as meats. Here are some great meat grinders we recommend.

Buying a Meat Grinder

Meat grinders basically all do the same thing, so what can set some apart from the others? It will obviously come down to what is most important to you and your needs, but here are some things that can make a big difference:

  • Materials: Almost all meat grinders are made of stainless steel with lots of blades. Metal blades are much easier to clean and sterilize and are durable and sharp.
  • Manual vs. Electric: This comes down to personal preference: manual meat grinders will obviously take more shoulder power from you, but folks prefer it that way. Electric models will allow you to grind more meat in a short period of time.
  • Attachments: Thinking of using your meat grinder for more than just chili meat? Then it’s probably a good idea to make sure it is compatible with other attachments or comes with a versatile tool.
  • Usage: If you’re only preparing to grind a little bit of meat or veggies, then a small grinder is probably all you need. If you’re planning to use the grinder a lot like if you’re harvesting a large amount of deer or planning a huge veggie salsa party, it’s probably best to purchase one that is much larger.
  • Watts/Horsepower: Again, personal preference comes into play with this decision, but some meat grinders are more powerful and faster than others.

Best Overall: Gourmia Store GMG525 Meat Grinder

This meat grinder is 500/1,000 watts and ETL rated to powerfully grind through any type of meat or veggies you need it to, making it ideal for mince, sausage, and kibbeh, just to name a few. Three durable stainless steel blades will provide you with the quality fine, medium, or coarse cut you desire. The meat grinder is also designed to be simple and safe with a three-way on/off/reverse switch and a safety switch. All parts of this grinder are removable for easy cleaning and lock into place for a sturdy operation that will last. Included with this grinder are also a food pusher, a kibbeh attachment, and a sausage horn.

Best Overall

Best Attachment: KENOME Metal Food Grinder Attachment for Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers

This durable meat grinder is an all-metal design that fits in the power hubs of all KitchenAid stand mixers. The grinder will produce nicely textured ground meat speedily. Included with this grinder is a sausage stuffer so that you can create any type of sausage you might want, from Italian to bratwurst. Each piece is made of food-grade material to grind anything you might need, from meats to veggies to breadcrumbs. Each piece is removable but is not dishwasher safe and should be cleaned with the included cleaning brush.

Best Attachment

Metal Food Grinder Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers Includes 2 Sausage Stuffer Tubes,Durable Meat Grinder Attachment for KitchenAid,Silver

This grinder is durable and speedy and easily attaches to any KitchenAid stand mixer for fresh ground meat or veggies.

Best Manual: LHS Manual Meat Grinder

This grinder is simple and easy to use: just place whatever you wish to grind into the back and turn the crank. The body is made of heavy-duty plastic, while the blades are stainless steel for durability and cleaning ease. There is a powerful suction base to keep this meat grinder in place while you’re working as well as an enlarged hopper size so that you can grind more food at once. The blades are fully enclosed for added safety, while the ergonomic handle makes for comfortable grinding.

Best Manual

Manual Meat Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades Heavy Duty Powerful Suction Base for Home Use Fast and Effortless for All Meats-Gray

This manual crank grinder offers an ergonomic design and stainless steel blades for easy and efficient grinding.

Best Multifunctional: BBday Electric Meat Grinder

This meat grinder is ready to roll and designed to produce up to 2 pounds of minced meat per minute. This grinder is made of stainless steel, thickened aluminum alloy, and high-end PP7 and is ETL certified for safety, meaning each piece of this grinder that touches food is made with 100% food-grade material. There is a reverse button for unclogging, and each component of this meat grinder is easy to assemble and disassemble for convenient cleaning. They are not dishwasher safe.

This grinder comes with a multitude of accessories to personalize whatever type of food you need to grind: three grinding plates, one stainless blade, one food pusher, three kibbeh and sausage attachments, and three grinding carbon steel plates (3mm, 5mm, and 7mm diameters for fine, medium, and coarse cuts).

Best Multifunctional

Electric Meat Grinder,Multifunction Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer,with 3 Grinding Plates, Sausage & Kubbe Kit for Home Kitchen & Commercial Using,Easy to Clean

This meat grinder is equipped with several attachments and blades so that you can customize whatever style of food you are grinding.

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