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Yoga Socks for More Stable Workouts

Yoga can get intense—especially hot yoga—and it can become difficult to not slip on your mat while posing in all sorts of pretzel formations. Yoga socks are designed to help keep your feet stable, thanks to the little grips on the bottom, and help stop you from sliding across your mat, regardless of how sweaty you might become. Here are our favorites to help you achieve a more stable workout.

Purchasing Yoga Socks

What’s the most important part of making a good yoga sock purchase? There’s really only a few things to keep in mind, besides personal preference:

  • Bottom Grips: Without these, your yoga socks are, well, just socks. Make sure they have bottom grips so that you stay stable.
  • Style: There are various styles you can choose from, like knee-high, toeless, toe separators, or ballet. It comes down to the intensity of your workout and personal preference.
  • Toe Separators: These are great for relieving pressure on your feet after being squeezed in shoes all day. They can even help correct foot issues like plantar fasciitis, bunions, and hammertoes.
  • Toeless: If you don’t want your feet completely covered, spring for toeless socks.
  • Comfort: You want socks made from soft and breathable materials to stay comfortable while working out.

Best Overall: Ozaiic Yoga Socks

These yoga socks come in a variety of colors and pack sizes. They are made of premium-quality cotton with silicone gel grips on the bottom. These socks are designed to help you hold your pose without worry and are ideal for just about any workout: yoga, pilates, barre, ballet, gym, dance, or anything else. They will not slip on tile, mats, or even carpets. They are low-cut ballet style with a cute feminine look that features elastic straps as an accent. The socks allow your feet to breathe while keeping you safe as you work out. They stay in place on your feet, giving you more time to work out and less time to worry about your feet!

Best Overall

Yoga Socks for Women Non-Slip Grips & Straps, Ideal for Pilates, Pure Barre, Ballet, Dance, Barefoot Workout (2 Pairs- Black/Gray, one_size)

Silicone grips keep you upright, while elastic straps and a low cut keep you looking cute while working out.

Best Toeless: Stouge Yoga Socks Nonslip

These toeless socks are made mostly of cotton to absorb sweat and keep you fresh and dry throughout your workout. They work for various workouts, from yoga to dance to barre to ballet, even the trampoline. They will keep you secure on the floor while posing and moving, thanks to nonslip grains. They also offer arch support while allowing your toes the freedom and comfort to move without restrictions and give a feel of bare feet with added balance and stability.

Best Toe Separator: ReachTop Toe Separator Socks

These socks are soft and stretchy, thanks to their cotton-blend breathable composition. They are equipped with five toe separators to keep your toes apart and prevent cross-infection and correct several toe issues. These socks are designed to improve foot circulation and promote overall foot health, especially after stressful and high-intensity workouts. They are so comfortable that you can choose to wear them for yoga, lounging around, or even sleeping.

Best Toe Separator

ReachTop Toe Separator Socks, 3 Pairs Foot Alignment Socks Yoga GYM Massage Toeless Socks Pain Relief Improves Circulation Stretchy for Women

Designed to improve the health of your feet, these socks are comfortable and warm and can be worn just about any time.

Best Knee-High: Tucketts Thigh Highs Knee-High Yoga Socks

These socks offer a toe-free design for additional movement while working out and also feature ankle and arch compression with a stitched heel so that you’re always secure and comfortable. The height of the socks will keep your calves warm during almost any workout: yoga, pilates, martial arts, gymnastics, etc. The grips on the bottom stick to just about any surface—mat, machine, or floor. The socks are designed to keep you clean, dry, and secure to the floor.

Best Knee-High

Tucketts Knee High Toeless Long Non-Slip Grip Socks - Anti Skid Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Home & Leisure - 1 pair Size 5-10, Graphic Teal

These socks will keep your calves warm during workouts while also supporting your ankles and arches.

Best Multi-Pack: WANZHIHUI Anti-Slip Slipper Socks

These low-cut socks come in a pack of 12 with two color variety options. They are made of mostly cotton, and each has multiple grippers on the bottom to keep you stable and from sliding across the floor. They are ideal for hospitals, workouts, trampolines, yoga, or just about anything else, even just to share.

Best Multi-Pack

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