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How (and Why) to Start Eating Mindfully

Scrolling through our phones, binging on our favorite Netflix show, answering emails, and finishing up that presentation we forgot to do the night before . . . oh, and we managed to eat a full meal without even realizing it. How to change our habits and start eating mindfully? Let’s find out.

9 Delicious Dutch Oven Desserts

Making dessert in a Dutch oven is a camper’s dream come true, but you can do it indoors, too. Whether you’re craving cookies or cobbler, we’ve got you set with our top nine Dutch oven desserts.

8 Fermented Foods that Feed Your Microbiome

Cultures from all around the world have been using fermented foods in their diet since the beginning of agriculture. As researchers continue to uncover evidence of their beneficial effects, their popularity is spreading around the globe. Here’s a list of eight fermented foods you can feed your microbiome with today.
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