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Skip the News and Anxiety: Read This Instead!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the endless stream of intense news stories, why not take a break? In fact, we’re not just suggesting this, we’re doing it ourselves. Here are some lighthearted, uplifting options you can read instead.

What’s the Deal with Gluten-Free Beer?

When the gluten-free diet became popular, it opened everyone’s eyes to the millions of ingredients and products that naturally contain gluten. While removing it from bread and soy sauce was easy, removing it from beer so it still retained its flavor was challenging.

How to Choose a Spring Scent You’ll Love

As many perfume-lovers might already know, scent is the sense most closely linked to memory and emotion. Selecting a new fragrance is the perfect way to connect with positive spring memories and get in the mood for a season of fun and renewal.

Spring Is a Perfect Time to Declutter Your Thinking

Most people spring clean their homes, but you can take an extra approach this year, and spring clean your mind from all the negative emotions, thoughts, routines, and habits. Here’s how to feel more focused on bringing in positivity and living in the present moment.
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