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Tour the World with 12 Months of Virtual Museum Trips

If you’ve ever wanted to visit some of the world’s most famous museums, but never had the chance, now’s your opportunity! Many iconic museums are offering virtual tours and specially curated digital exhibits specifically for guests who can’t get there in person.

12 Types of Pasta to Sample Throughout the Year

If cooking more is on your to-do list this year, have you thought about mixing up your favorite kinds of pasta? Pasta dishes are some of the easiest, most affordable meals to make. But you can really elevate your game by pairing different noodles with the sauces that work best with each.

11 Great Movies You and the Kids Will Both Love

Figuring out what to watch on family movie night can be a struggle. Parents with young children want to put on something appropriate but probably can’t stomach the idea of watching Frozen for the 20th time. Here are some ideas that are totally appropriate for kids (every one is rated PG or below) and genuinely entertaining for adults.

Fresh Reads: 12 Great Books Arriving in February 2021

February is the month to fall in love, and we’ve got a dozen books we think will be a perfect match for you! Whether you’re dying to geek out over some intriguing nonfiction or looking for a warm-and-fuzzy romantic comedy, there’s something for everything among the most anticipated titles hitting bookshelves this February.

12 New Skills to Learn in 2021

Instead of relying on silly calendars and watches, mark the passage of time this year by acquiring some new skills. (Okay, maybe keep the calendars and watches around.) Whether you stick with them long term or not, the knowledge you’ll gain will be priceless. Here are 12 new skills you can learn in 2021.
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