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How to Achieve the Tie-Dye Trend at Home

If tie-dye brings back memories of summer camp crafts and questionable style choices, it might surprise you to learn that it’s one of this year’s hottest fashion trends. Not only is tie-dye chic right now, but it’s also the perfect quarantine craft—even for adults.

A Beginner’s Guide to Art Therapy

Art therapy doesn’t require creative talent, but it can be a profoundly healing process. For anyone searching for stress relief, a way to reduce anxiety, or understand emotions, like depression and fear, art therapy is worth some research.

12 Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening

Because it’s inexpensive and anyone can do it, gardening is a top contender for most-beloved quarantine activity. It’s fun, pretty, and (sometimes) yields edible results. But what if it’s also therapeutic?
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