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How Much Should You Embellish Your Resume?

A resume shouldn’t just present the bare facts of your experience—it should present them in the most compelling possible way. This means carefully emphasizing the positives while hiding the negatives. But how much should you embellish that information to get results?

How to Tailor Your Resume to Different Jobs

Have you been applying to jobs using the same resume every time? While a resume might seem like a static document, you should update it for each job application. Making these changes will get you the interviews you’ve been hoping for.

How to Write Your First Resume

Maybe you’ve just graduated and haven’t truly started the job search yet, or perhaps you’ve been working for a family friend who never asked you for a resume. No matter what, if you don’t have a resume yet, nothing can feel more daunting than staring at that blank page. We’re here to help.
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