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7 Things to Buy on Clearance After Christmas

Christmas clearance sales offer a chance to stock up on decorations and wrapping paper for next year, but that’s not all. You might be surprised at some of the stuff you’ll find at reduced prices or on clearance after the holidays.

How to Develop Your Own Sense of Style

Thanks to the internet you can find any number of guides to put together a chic, trendy outfit—and you don’t even need to leave the house to shop for it. But when it comes to finding your unique style, most of those sources will leave you at a loss. Here’s how to cultivate a personal style.

Should You Get Your Clothes Tailored?

In the back of your closet, you might have a secret stash: a pile of clothes you love, but that don’t quite fit. Or maybe you tried on something gorgeous at the thrift store, but it was just a little too tight or too loose in some spots. Should you get those things tailored, or leave them behind?
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