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How Not to Be An A$%hole Tourist

Tourists have a bad reputation, and, often, with good reason. There are a lot of terrible, overentitled people out there who ruin traveling for everyone else. Here’s how you can avoid being one of them.

Slow Down: Why You Should Travel As Slow As You Can

Traveling slowly is a special pleasure—and you should do it. Next time you have to drive long-distance, take an extra two days and go slowly through the backroads. Or take a train across the country instead of flying. Or best of all, spend a few weeks cycling or walking somewhere. The slower you go, the better.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

A fear of flying can put a real damper on your travel plans. If being crammed in a tiny plane makes you feel claustrophobic, out of control, and anxious, here’s how to deal with it so you can take the trip of your dreams.
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