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A Short Guide to Visas

Within the United States, you don’t need a passport to travel, let alone a visa. That’s not the case in most of the world so let’s look at the basics of visas so you’re well versed in what you may need for your international travels.

Why Traveling Solo Can Be So Rewarding

If you’re considering going on a solo adventure, know that it’s not as scary as you’d think. You just need to be careful and trust in yourself. The rewards are invaluable, and chances are you’ll want to do it again.

How to Get Started With One-Bag Travel

One-bag travel sits at the intersection of two popular modern movements: minimalism and remote work/digital nomadism. The idea is that you travel for an extended period with just a single bag—ideally just a single carry-on bag.

How to Stay Safe When You Travel

Traveling can be intimidating, and rightfully so. Going somewhere where the culture is different and the language is completely foreign can make anyone feel nervous. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

You’ve already spent money on your flight, rental car, and accommodations, so the added expense of travel insurance isn’t too appealing. But is it worth it, and if so, when?
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